Journey to Heaven, Triund Trek 2021!

I’m sure that once someone talks about hiking in India, they will think of beautiful Himachal Pradesh, right? The stunning Himachal Pradesh offers many trekking tours for hikers and adventure seekers. Triund Trek is one of the treks not to be missed. Triund is a charming tourist destination in the Dhauladhar district. The stunning scenery takes over your heart and makes you feel good. First hike? Okay, do not worry! For the first time, Triund Trek is a perfect product suitable for people of all ages. Read on and let us travel through this insanely cute threesome.

Triund Trek – Best Time to Hike

Except for January and February, you can hike here all year round because you will face heavy snowfall during these months. Also, during this period, few hiking trails are restricted. But the best time to walk is from March to May. Yes, the weather has been very good these months, and the scenery is unobstructed. Looking for a difficult trekking experience? Hiking expert? So, from December to February, people can choose to visit this place.

Triund Trek: Quick Itinerary

Day 1: Depart Dharamsala for Triund Trek

to begin your adventure in Dharamsala. Enjoy a healthy breakfast on your mannequin before heading to Bhagsu Nag to be taken through the azalea forest. In the meantime, enjoy lunch and restart your journey to the Kangra Mountains and Dauladar Valley. Stay there for a while and enjoy the amazing natural surroundings. End your day and enjoy the open sky over a beautiful dinner.

Day 2: From Khabrotu to Bhagsu Village

Bring your breakfast to Khabrotu to enjoy the view. You can also enjoy the beauty of the glacial lake and the snow-capped peaks of Dhauladhar. Believe me, you will agree that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than nature. Keep walking and have lunch on the road. Finally, arrive at the charming Bagsu Village and spend some time admiring Bagsu Waterfall.

Triund Trek: Things to Know Before Hiking

Camping is not allowed here overnight. Therefore, you must stay at any available hotel. Hike is the Galu Devi Temple, Rest A, and Café and Café Magic. The difficulty of hiking is between easy and medium. If this is your first time hiking, make sure you are accompanied by a guide for a better experience. One-way travel takes 5 to 6 hours. Triund is a 9-kilometer hike.

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This magnificent mountain is near Mcleodganj, with stunning views of the Kangra Valley and the slopes of Dhauladhar. The biggest advantage of this trip is that it is very easy and ideal because it has clear steps and is suitable for enthusiastic hikers without age. Finally, the trekking is a super adventure and animation with breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset.

Best place to visit near Dharamsala

Welcome to the Dalai Lama Temple

McLeod Gunj is famous for its picturesque beauty. It is the capital and seat of exile of the Tibetan government, and it is a trip to nearby Dharamsa. places to throw. Similar to the famous Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, the Dalai Lama Temple, the most famous for Tibetans in India, is located in this mountainous station. In addition, there are gorgeous murals inside the temple, if you are lucky, you will witness the creation of a large mandala with your own eyes. It also contains the Namgyal monastery where monks lived and argued and the shrine of their 14th Dalai Lama.

Take a trip to Norbulingka College and see Tibet. It is one of the best places in Dharamsala.

The college preserves the traditional Tibetan literature and art form. In the buzzing of birds, it has a calm and relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to take a break from city life. It is also home to a temple, Deden Tsuklagkhang, which undoubtedly represents one of the best places to visit near Dharamsala, and represents the magnificent Tibetan architecture itself. There is also an exclusive Losel Doll Museum and a cafeteria.

Go to one of the best places near Dharamshala, the Bhagsunag waterfall.

Mc Leod Gunj The bright milky waters are one of the most important attractions. It is also almost 20 meters high, overlapping, which makes it more picturesque. Finally, you can walk parallel to the waterfall and enjoy the view.


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