Keep these rules in mind when designing Garden Landscape

The very moment you buy a house whether it is small or large; the thought of decorating it comes to your mind. You have to look at each and every room and space where you can put some decoration to beautify your home.

When you go to someone’s house; what is the first thing you look at? Yes, it is the front garden which is the face of the house. If the front lawn is well decorated and maintained then everyone will compliment it but if not then it can be embarrassing. One reason for the popularity of these gardens is that maybe the owners have used Zeon Zoysia sod in Atlanta instead of ordinary grass; which has many benefits.

The History of Garden Landscaping:

Many people think that garden landscaping is a sub-branch of architectural design. But it is an individual occupation which combines different elements of design to create beautiful and attractive. It is a careful combination of culture, tradition, art and especially nature; which goes back a long way.

The Palace of King Louis XIV of France:

The beautiful palace of Versailles which was the home of King Louis XIV of France has the most exquisite gardens ever designed. It was the very first time when Andre Le Notre was given the task of designing the extensive gardens of the Palace.

The Term first used:

In the book “On The Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy” for the first time the term Landscaping was used. A lot of people had never visited Italy during the 1800s; so this book gave them a glimpse of the painting of various landscapes made by famous painters. The book was filled with admiration of the balance between the landscape and architecture.

Modernism in the Designs:

Modernism affected garden landscaping like all other fields of life. As different architects started to take interest in this new and emerging profession; unique and innovative disciplines began to develop. Landscape Urbanism is one to mention. These people took the term High Modernism to the next level.

Using Fine Arts in Garden Landscaping:

When all of the fundamentals and elements of fine art is interwoven with the profession of garden landscaping then a new discipline emerges known as fine arts garden landscaping. In which the painters depict the view of different landscapes. Many legendary painters have used various techniques like oil, water, ink paints; charcoal and pen to draw but today more digitized versions are being used.

The modern architects are now using new and latest techniques to make garden landscaping look easier than ever. One of the significant companies that are making great progress is Atlanta Metro Sod. They are using various designing apps to create a perfect sample for garden landscaping.

Keep these Designing Rules in mind:

Whenever you are going to design the garden yourself or will take help from professionals; it is crucial that you keep in mind some rules that can help you in better planning of your design. These are simple but fruitful in every way. Many of the points can be well prepared in advance but others have to be done at the last minute. Here are six rules you have to always keep in mind.

Understanding the Garden:

Initially, you have to take a very close look at your garden. You have to understand each and every corner, the soil, the exact area measurements, the locations were sunlight will reach the best and where you want to keep shade. Map out the areas in your mind; in this way, it will be easy for you to sketch it down on paper.  

Decide the theme:

Next, you have to decide what will be the theme for your garden. You can choose from a variety of themes like an edible garden, the cutting garden, garden with light colored flowers, tropical garden, water conservation gardens, local plants garden, and medicinal gardens are a few to name amongst many.

Plan the Design on Paper:

As mentioned earlier that you have to map the whole design in your mind. Now it is time to put it on paper. You can take photographs of the garden from the rooftop to have a better look. In this way, you will know the accurate locations where you want to have different plants and trees.  

Zeon Zoysia sod in Atlanta:

After that, you have to select various plants, trees and the type of sod that you will lay on the ground. The best kind is Zeon Zoysia which has excellent tolerance for hot weather, water, foot traffic and salt; if you are creating the garden in the Atlanta region.

Maintain a Budget:

People get into trouble when they don’t have a set amount of money in mind for all the expenses of garden landscaping. It is a known fact that the budget can go up or down according to the current economic conditions of the country. For this purpose; it is vital that you keep an extra amount for the garden in reserve.

Have Maintenance Planed ahead:

As you will be making plans on which tree, plant and Zeon Zoysia sod in Atlanta; at the same time ask any professional on what maintenance techniques will be used for the greenery that has to be installed. Make special caring plans so that you don’t get into trouble.


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