Know the procedure of how to recover the password for TP-Link Wi-Fi router

In today’s blog, we are going to deliberate about the recovery process of the TP-Link router’s password. Many a time people used to ask this common question that “I have changed the default password ‘ADMIN’ and reset the new one but unfortunately, I forgot the new password and unable to recover. What should I do?” DON’T get fumbled. With you can reset the password by the factory restore process. To rest the router, in the first step, we need to press the ‘RESET BUTTON’ for at least 10-15 seconds and release the button as you saw a blinking green light on the router. This green light means your router has been restored. 

After performing this factory reset task, initially, you have to start the router with the default credentials then we will let you know how to keep a new password and how to give a new user name to your TP-Link router. 

  • Connect the router again with the network to proceed ahead.
  • Write the default user name and password which is same ‘ADMIN-ADMIN’
  • As you enter the username and password, you will land on the login page or on the device information page where you will notice all the device-related information.
  • Save the changes as soon as possible.

How to recover the accidentally deleted data

To recover your data which has been accidentally deleted by you just follow us by word to word descriptions and your data will be recovered soon. Let our first encounter with the cause that leads to delete the data even without our manual activities. There can be many reasons, like;

  • Software malfunction.
  • Unnecessary bugs.
  • Due to the unwanted virus.
  • By our own mistakes.
  • System hardware failure can be a reason.
  • Physical damage of your device can erase or delete the data.
  • It can be due to corrupt software also.

So, there can be many other circumstances also that can delete the data of your Wi-Fi router and if you are well versed with the technical knowledge you can retrieve the deleted data. But if you are not aware of the system and computer software knowledge, do not ever try to haggle with it. We are talking about normal circumstances in which by your mistake or by software issues you have lost the data. Come with us as per below instructions;

  1. If your data is in recycling been then you can recover it by yourself.
  2. But if your data has been permanently deleted still you can recover it if you have not over-written the available space.  
  3. Install any data recovery software, like EaseUS or Recuva and recover your data.

How to get the easiest way to change your default password

First of all, what you have to do is to……

  • Open the browser of your choice but it should be compatible with your system software.
  • Enter the Setup to go towards getting a new password.
  • Then a page will be opened in front of you on your screen, there at the location of the IP address type your router’s IP address.
  • If you are unable to get the IP address, just go to the command prompt from the menu of the dashboard and get your own IP address.
  • Copy the IP address from there and paste it in the required place.
  • After that, you must fill your default user name and password that may be ‘ADMIN’
  • Certainly, after entering those credentials you will reach the TP-Link Dashboard page.
  • From the left of the ‘Status bar’ go to the Wireless>wireless security>Change password here
  • Never Disable your security option otherwise any can easily access your router.
  • Then check for the WPA/PSK encryption version.
  • At the PSK password tab, type your new password and save.
  • As you got a notification regarding Rebooting the router, click on it and your router will reboot.

For confirmation that your password has been changed or not, again go to Status bar>wireless >wireless security>PSK password, here you can see your changed password. Please note it down some ware otherwise you will forget and then you will have to rest the router.

How to change the Wi-Fi name and password via mobile

It is very easy and quick to change your Wi-Fi name and password via mobile. Every router has a specific IP address and password and you must remember that. So, have a quick step ahead;

  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your android mobile.
  • Hit on the ‘Know More’ option.
  • Pick the IP address from here and put it into the browser.
  • Then you will be asked for the username and just below it for the password.
  • Enter that two personal detail and walk forward.
  • To use your default username and password just look behind the TP-Link router and here you go.
  • Now you can see the configuration page in front of you, on your mobile screen.
  • Here will be so many options and functions, like WAN, LAN, Device info, etc.
  • At the left of this screen click the wireless option and then click the wireless option.
  • Here you will see the SSID (service set identifier) or in simple words, we can say that it is the name of your Wi-Fi.
  • After that go to the security to modify the password.
  • Change the password and as soon as possible click on the SAVE option to save the changes made by you.

For the cross-check, you can re-enter the router and click the forget password option then type your new one and go ahead. So these are the simple process that can be followed in any android phone. There is no need to have different android phones for different routers. All can be done in the same manner by using a single mobile.


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