Malaysia- A take on Maths

Over the past few decades, the higher education system in Malaysia has developed a lot. In the last ten years, the education system has obtained crucial gain in the terms of student enrolment that has taken a rise in global recognition on prime dimensions like patents, research publications, and institutional quality. Malaysia has become the supreme study destination for international students.

The achievements are a will for the drive and the change of the academic community of Malaysia, the private sector’s support, and the high investment made by the Government. The Ministry of Education has recognized that the system should keep evolving for coping with global trends. The rowdy technologies like the Internet of Things, Advanced Robotics, and Automation of Knowledge Work are though to reshape the social and business landscape dramatically.

In order to prepare the youth of Malaysia to flourish in this complicated and dynamic future, it is needed to focus on the fundamental transformation of the present way the higher education system and the institutions of higher learning run. In the year 2013, the Ministry started growing the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025 (MEB) or Higher Education (HE). In due course of two years, the Ministry has drawn several courses on input from the experts of International and Malaysian Education to the leaders of Malaysian HLIs, and the respective members of the public. The result is the blueprint that the Malaysians have developed for the Malaysians. It will make Malaysia ready for the final chapter of its journey towards the aim of becoming a nation with high income.

The Education System of Malaysia:

Like other countries in Asia, the Malaysian education system consists of education starting from the pre-primary to university. The pre-tertiary education or the pre-school to secondary education is under the Ministry of Education’s jurisdiction. The tertiary or higher education is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher education.

The vision of the government:

The government wishes to make Malaysia a prime center of educational excellence.

The management and administration of education in Malaysia are principal as per the Ministry of Education. The Ministry is structured into 4 levels which are state, federal, school, and district. The departments of district education cater only to the educational functions instead of the administrative requirements.

The Education Act 1996:

The Act summarizes all the educational levels that come under the education system comprising of pre-school, primary, and secondary education. Taking the reference to section 18 of the respective Act, it specified the national curriculum to be utilized in each school that runs the Malaysian curriculum. There is an existence of the common central assessment and examinations after the specific schooling periods. Malay, which is the national language, has been made the official language of instruction.

Malaysia’s take on mathematics:

Mathematics is an important component in more or less every single aspect of life starting from the evolution of science and the characteristics that give an explanation of the universe to the fundamentals of economics, engineering, medicine, and the environment.

Reasons for studying Mathematics in Malaysia:

The Maths degree holders can pursue a lucrative career in Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Banking, Actuarial Science and Engineering. A degree in Mathematics helps a person to solve numerical issues during needs.

According to industry experts, math is the universe’s language. The more the equations are known, the more one can converse with the cosmos.

Skills needed for the course in mathematics:

  • One has to be good with computers. One should know about dealing with the hardware and software of the computer.
  • Mathematics needs ‘never give up’ mentality. Mathematics course involves complex problems and equations that require solving.
  • One needs to be good with numbers and able to multiply any number by another. A person has to be like a human calculator.
  • Mathematics involves logic. It is not about making abstract claims. One has to go deep to the basics and prove step by step. Mathematics is solid and absolute.

The eminent recruiters (Mathematics agencies) in Malaysia:

  • Ekuiti Nasional Berhad
  • RHB Banking Group
  • United Overseas Bank Malaysia
  • AmBank Group

All the courses related to mathematics are required to be accredited by the MQA or Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

The institutions that offer Mathematics courses in Malaysia:

  • University of Malaya
  • Sunway university
  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • University of Southampton Malaysia
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

There are more institutions that offer various courses related to mathematics. You can get detailed information online. 

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