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According to a study by Pew Research, 55% of people aged 18 to 29 are using Instagram in the US. This is a whole generation looking at the world through lenses with sepia filters!

One of the best ways that platforms can take advantage of sharing photos is by investing in Instagram ads. Advertisers of all sizes are getting amazing results. By creating strong brand awareness to increase sales from their website, Instagram offers thousands of possibilities for a creative market.

Why advertise on Instagram?

Instagram ads have proved effective when creating new businesses.

Instagram provides a number of concrete studies demonstrating the effectiveness of its advertising tools. They base each case up to the matrix, ad recognition, and brand awareness, rather than focusing on the “likes”, comments, and a number of followers they received during the campaign.

The study collected data on how large companies use each social network, how often they did it, how many followers they had, how often they published and how often they interacted with users. Forrester found that the average number of Instagram followers of a recognized brand is 1 million higher than in 2015. Instagram users not only follow their friends and celebrities, but they also follow brands. Can you be on this list too?

Types of ads on Instagram

There are three main types of Instagram ads that you can choose from. Whether it is improving your brand awareness, making more visits to your website, or increasing downloads of your mobile application, Instagram can help you reach a larger and active audience. Continue reading to discover a series of advertisements created through photos, videos, and visuals.

Photo ads on Instagram

Using photo ads, companies can tell their stories and present their products through visually impaired images. Market your brand to your audience or to customers in your city with guaranteed impressions.

Video ads on Instagram

You can advertise videos on Instagram in a span of more than 60 seconds but according to Vista’s data, the first 30 seconds are the most important for a video on a social network. If you can engage your audience over a period of time, they are interested and watch everything.

Advertise by Sequence on Instagram

With ads for the sequence, Instagram users can swipe to view more than one image, while a call-to-action button takes them to the website to learn more about the ad. Unlike print ads, sequenced ads provide the added benefit of redirecting people to the website to get more information. For example, a new restaurant can show how many ingredients have been mixed together to make a delicious meal. Once they manage to flare up their audience, they can place a button that takes people to the reservation page of their website.

Advertise in Instagram Stories

In Instagram Stories, users will receive full-screen advertisements as they explore stories in their feeds. This tool changes the way in which Instagram users interact with advertisements, making them feel like they are part of them.

Whether built into Power Editor or Facebook’s Ad Manager, you can set who sees your ad and how often they see it. In addition, you can use Stories Insights to measure the performance of your ads.

The biggest advantage of advertising advertisements in Instagram Stories is their social reach. There are 150 million users using Instagram Stories combined with a focus on viewers and the number keeps growing.

As a bonus, Instagram uses the Stories function to discover new things, such as knowing what is happening in their community. Since users are often looking for new content, advertisements for stories are a great opportunity for advertisers who are trying to reach them.

How to advertise on Instagram?

To create an advertisement on Instagram, you will first need a Facebook page. Facebook now owns Instagram and the two platforms operate by hand. Pages are for brands, organizations or public figures.

Like Facebook profiles, pages can be personalized with stories, events and more. People who like the page can get updates on their timeline. Once you do this, you can start creating Instagram ads.

Best practices for creating ads on Instagram

Know your audience

One of the most awesome features of Instagram ads is the ability to target your audience. Instead of sending a picture of your business everywhere, you can send it directly to the people who are interested in offering you.

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