Methods of treatment at Santa Ana rehab

It is important to note that while addiction is a disease recovery is a choice. It’s entirely up to us whether we want to cure ourselves from a certain disease or  not. Addictions at times can be a terrible thing to have. Life becomes horrifying not only for the ones who are addicted but also for the people surrounding them.

If you have ever been around a person suffering from any kind of addiction or substance abuse then you probably are aware of the fact that how devastating an impact addiction can have on life. One has to realize the fact that this can be ended and life can once again gain normalcy. Here we must understand the role of rehabs in our society.

In the most traditional sense rehabs define the drug, alcohol or other forms of substance abuse program provided in a setting with residential facilities. Rehabs aim to cure the patients suffering from excessive use of substance abuse. This takes time and the will from the part of the patient to get cured. In Santa Ana rehab, treatments can often be of two types, traditional rehabilitation models and the locally- based models.

  • Traditional models include the rehabs to demand a complete break from the complete break of the present circumstances of the person’s life. It needs a person to stay at the centre which is completely away from the home of the person and the surroundings under which he got influenced.
  • The newer models on the other hand are fast emerging in many countries. This includes treatment from the house of the addicted individual itself.

Steps involved in the treatment of addiction

There are several steps involved in the treatment of addiction in the Santa Ana rehab. Let us look at them:

  • Detoxification- When patients arrive at the rehab centre the first and the foremost step that occurs in the process of treatment is the detoxification. The detoxification involves identifying and coping with the popular symptoms of withdrawals such as the depression, tremors and paranoia.
  • Diagnosis- There are a number of addicts who suffer from the psychiatric issues of bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and sleep disorder. It may also happen that some traumatic incident has given rise to the substance abuse in their lives. This phase therefore includes the Santa Ana rehab to link the psychiatric treatment with their own therapies.
  • Cognitive therapy- In this phase of the treatment, addicts are made to realize and identify the exact situations as well as the triggers that have and possibly could lead them to another phase of substance abuse. It is one of the most vital parts of the entire treatment phase.
  • Family therapy- In the Santa Ana rehab family members form a vital part of the treatment procedure. It is obvious that addictions are likely to cause rifts in the family. This part includes a healing process of the relationships in the family.
  • Medication- The FDA has approved that the medication based treatment carried out in certain rehabs are extremely effective and helpful. Such treatments have a great impact in curing addictions like alcohol.

Today with so much evolution in the treatment procedures and methods there are questions on the validity of the treatment centres. Today even the well known centres are struggling to pay their employees and provide better care to the patients. Even Google has made it difficult for the treatment centres and the rehabs to advertise themselves. A reason why Santa Ana rehab stands out is because it is still well maintained, well funded and there are experienced professionals doing the job. Santa Ana rehab is the finest in all of California.


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