Planning and Managing your Studies

In universities and colleges studying plays a vital role to succeed in academics. Studying alone is not a big deal to be completed, but the way you study plays an important role in remembering the thing. Studies should be planned accordingly so that you may keep in check that you are getting the maximum out of studies or not.

Learning style

The learning style of a person is directly concerned with the amount of data/ information learned. A person must know about his/ her learning style so that by following it most of the information can be learned. For example, if you can learn better by discussing what to learn that you should discuss your studies with either your friends or yourself. If you can learn better by writing the information than you should write to learn it. You will surely make the most out of your studies once you follow your own particular style for learning.

Set a routine

You must decide to sit and study days on a single time. The time can be in the morning, evening or night which suits yourself to study. You should be fully conscious and attentive at that time without being getting disturbed again and again. You should get in the routine of sitting and learning daily which will help you save time.

Study schedule

Try scheduling the time of the day you sit to study and make it a habit of doing it daily. You must make notes regarding the schedule and paste it somewhere your eyes have access so that you can fit the schedule in your mind to study daily.

Realistic approach

You must use different but important approaches to study, that should be realistic in nature. For example, instead of making a two-hour study session you can make a half hour study session with ten minutes break after the session. Using this approach, you will be able to learn more in less time as compared to earlier.

Structure for studying

You must not indulge in long period studying activities which may lead to brain crashing or failure for learning. Instead, small time periods should be used to gather and learn the information and then engaging yourself in a little activity which can be a hobby. Some people use the contingency of finishing off the hard parts of the study first and then coming to the simpler parts, but on the other hand, some prefer to study the hardest [parts first and then learn the easy parts.

Place for studying

The place where you sit and learn plays an important role in learning and keeping the things learned. For example: when you study in a room which is quiet and peaceful at the same time you are more likely to keep the things learned there, but on the other hand, if you are in a place neither quiet nor peaceful it will be a very difficult task to sit there and learn a few things.

In short, it is learned that if you make a proper routine for studying daily it will be easier for you to study and you will find it much easier than before, as before you had to take out time to study but now the same study has become a driving force for you to study without feeling it as a burden.

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Bram Daan has retired from formal education and research in Higher Education but now spends time catching up on previous sins of omission in writing up his glaciology research and contributions to students use of computers in fieldwork. Nowadays he is working at Online Dissertation Writing Service UK to provide dissertation help to the students.

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