Popular Vietnamese Dipping Sauces you must know about

The most attractive and savoring thing about the Vietnamese dishes is that they offer a diversified range of Vietnamese dipping sauce which seems to taste amazingly delicious with almost all types of dishes! From the simple peanut sauce to the exotic ones made with the complements of fish, the list of the different types seems to be just a never-ending one. Even though a number of ingredients and fresh components are added to the sauce, most of them taste completely different from each other. 

Here are some of the best dipping sauces which you definitely should not miss at any cost:

Thai-Style Chilli, Lime, Garlic, and Cilantro Dipping Sauce for Seafood

This particular sauce is very similar to Vietnamese Dipping sauce but the main difference is it contains cilantro in it. And the cilantro’s has an extremely bold flavor which blends in amazingly well with seafood. It tastes particularly the best with mussels, clams, and other types of shellfish. This sauce tastes good with a number of Southeast Asian foods which contains fried chicken, pork ribs and fried tofu.

It hardly takes about five minutes to prepare this sauce as there is nothing to cook in it. You can easily make it in advance and add the fresh ingredients later, just before the serving.

Nuoc Mam Cham or Nuoc Cham- Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

This is one of the most popular dipping sauces in Vietnam. And if you are someone who loves Vietnamese cuisine, you have definitely tasted this by now as it is typically used for salads. This sauce is basically made from fresh lemon juice, sugar, and fish sauce. And chopped garlic, as well as chili, is added to the sauce as well.

Besides that, one can also substitute the citrus with apple or rice vinegar.

Nuoc Mam- Vietnamese Fish Sauce

This sauce is the base for a number of different kinds of sauces and dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. In the same way that we notice salt being kept on the dining tables in western countries, this particular sauce plays the same role in Vietnamese cuisine as it fits well with all kinds of seasonal food.

It is said that the best fish sauce comes from Phu Quoc Island, a so-called paradise island located in the west of Vietnam. This fish sauce is prepared from the juice of fermented fish and is mixed with salt. The most unique and fascinating thing is, this sauce is prepared all along the coast of Vietnam.


Even though rice is basically the main basis of Vietnamese cuisine, the Vietnamese dipping sauce is one of the major things that is consumed alongside every dish. In Vietnam, one can find these sauces on every table and street food stalls as it is offered to the customers to have it with the main dish. Mostly, these sauces are stored in a small porcelain bowl. Even though the fish sauce is the most popular one in Vietnam, there are a number of other sauces that add a typical flavor to the dishes.


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