Reasons to Choose Seedbox Over VPN

In this digital age, online security is an as important factor as home security. You cannot even neglect to protect your personal identity or data while using the internet. As millions use their credit cards and receive personal information at times, there are millions of hackers who often try to theft accounts or hack personal data. However, there are several security tools that are advanced to protect us from hackers.  

If you are confused between VPN and Seedbox – which one will best suit your security needs? Which one would be better for upload and download online files? Which one to opt for? Then it is better to make you clear that both Seedbox and VPN are the two best security tools that have answers to all your online doubts. 

Before moving to the main topic, there are few essential things needs to be discussed-

Definition of VPN:

VPN or Virtual Private Network offers online privacy to users by creating a private network via a public internet connection. It is mainly used to access region-restricted websites, easily by hidden IP addresses. It also establishes secured and encrypted connections to facilitate high-end privacy. 

Definition of Seedbox”

Seedbox refers to a remote server with high bandwidth range and serves as a data center. It facilitates quick upload and download of online stuff without a security break. It mainly uses the BitTorrent Protocol and prohibits peer-to-peer traffic.

Is Seedbox a Practical Alternative to VPN?

To evaluate this, you need to know the advantages of both security tools.

Benefits of VPN 

1. Hide IP Address: It excels in mask your IP address from others, confuses them with the actual location of your server. 

  • Encrypted Network Service: It provides an encrypted network solution and ensures a high-end secured network to users. Both public and private networks get secured by including encryption to traffic from online threats.     
  • Geo-Restrictions: It offers geo-restriction on both digital content and website. It is recommended to stream online videos due to its amazing features. However, if you are searching for accessing a remote server that will assist you to upload and download online stuff using torrents, then a seedbox is more beneficial.   

Benefits of Seedbox   

  1. High Speed: It makes use of BitTorrent Protocol, which is used for peer-to-peer traffic sharing in the digital medium. Seedbox facilitates to download large files at high-end speed with bandwidth ranges from 10GBPS to 100MBPS.  
  • Secured and Safety: It is highly safe and secured to download online files. It limits data breaching or hacking by hiding the IP address from the public. With a seedbox, users will not get warning letters to DMCAA notices from ISP. 
  • Prohibits Peer-to-Peer Traffic: It helps users to upload and download large files easily, even at restricted places. It is designed with an effortless management web browser that facilitates convenient files downloading. 

VPN or Seedbox?

Users of torrent oftentimes wonder which one to opt for a better option. Irrespective of the rising demand for Seedbox in the market, some users continue with VPN, as it also forbids online threats and maintains high-end security as a seedbox. So, it is one of the main reasons to choose a seedbox over a VPN. Both the BitTorrent Protocol and high-end security options make the remote server far better than VPN. Hence, instead of struggling with VPN, get a seedbox that is featured with all VPN services for an expected outcome.     


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