New advancements and innovations can completely transform an industry. The fire safety industry is benefiting greatly from cutting-edge technology.

Because fire safety is such an important issue, new technologies are constantly being developed to prevent loss of life and health, property damage, and disruption of activity.

🔥Let’s talk about the latest fire safety.

Now the world is moving on new and advanced technology day by day. Many industries, including fire safety, can benefit from digitalization and new technologies. Technology has come a long way since the invention of the first automated water sprinkler to make fire prevention more effective and reliable.

Fire is so devastating that it can destroy homes and offices within a few minutes, but it’s preventable also. We can prevent fires by following the simple and easy safety guidelines which these advanced fire extinguishers are providing. We must be made aware of the importance of fire safety.

Now that we’ve introduced automatic fire extinguishers, a professional fire safety company, such as Fire RID, will be able to identify the appropriate fire extinguisher for your site’s needs. Fire RID provides extinguishing solutions that provide you with total protection against damaging fires that occur without warning. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their indoors safe, so a fire extinguisher is a must-have item for every indoor location. Blue Scope India offers a compact, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly range of fire extinguishers. Occupying less space than other conventional fire extinguishers

Discover the latest fire safety improvements to address all your safety needs by FireRID

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🔥 Easy Access, Installation, and 10-year Warranty

The FireRID Automatic Fire Extinguisher requires no setup. It will work in extreme temperatures ranging from -23° C to +70° C. When there is a fire, the glass ampoule automatically bursts and the fire-extinguishing active liquid agent covers the protected area and extinguishes the fire in seconds. It can also be thrown into the fire from a distance without getting too close.

In advanced fire conditions, it is recommended to dilute the contents of a FireRID Automatic Fire Extinguisher in water at a 1:20 ratio (the content of one unit extinguisher in 10–12 liters of water) and then throw the solution in the direction of the fire roots, which extinguishes the fire. Dilute in water mode multiplies its effect. In this case, there is no collateral damage and the loss and damage are minimal when compared to other extinguishing mediums.

Watch the demo below…

Fire RID Demo at Maharashtra Fire Services,Mumbai Kalina – YouTube

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS — Saving on expenses every year because no refilling in years and the highest warranty period of 10 years. Also provides free replacement of fire extinguishers if a manufacturing defect is discovered during the ten-year warranty period.

🔥What makes it Eco-friendly

The solution contains non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals that are filled in a bohemian glass (for better quality and durability).

Its special glass body breaks into pieces without edges, and automatically activates at elevated temperatures of 84°C, and extinguishes fire in the initial phase. As a result, FireRID saves lives, valuable properties, and items from major damage. It Doesn’t cause any damage to electrical systems, machines, etc. Also, it is non-toxic to humans and other organisms.

It’s an investment for lives and the Environment.

🔥FireRID — Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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Fire is power but sometimes, it strikes without any warning inside our homes, offices, schools and so on. According to…

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