Setting bed for Kids — Suggestions you must NOT neglect!

In the last few decades, several researches have surfaced to prove the significance of good quality sleep on our health and over all lives. And its impact on the well being of a growing child is nothing less than miraculous. Adequate sleep is known to improve a child’s memory, their immune system, responsiveness and largely, their performance at school.

When you are setting up the bed for your kids, the kind of mattress you choose will go a long away in deciding the quality of sleep they get and their health.

Here are a few suggestions you must consider while setting up the bed for your kids.

Suggestions for setting up bed for kids 

For preparing the bed for Infants

When setting up the crib for infants, you need to be extra cautious about a few things. Choose a mattress that is firm and not soft, for a soft mattress will mold according to the baby’s body and increase the risk of suffocation. It is also important to choose the right size of mattress. You can use the ‘two finger test’ for sizing the right mattress.

According to it, you should be able to stick only two fingers between the mattress and the crib. Any more space than that will increase the risk of the baby’s arms or legs getting stuck in that space.

For preparing the bed for Toddlers

Toddler years are times of immense social, emotional and cognitive development. If you are setting a bed for your toddler, consider a floor bed plan—simply a comfortable memory foam mattress on the floor, without any bed frames.

With this kind of a setup, there are lower risks of them hurting themselves and it also allows them to walk up to the parents whenever they feel the need. Alongside all this, the another benefit of this arrangement is the money you can save through it!

For preparing the bed for Young Children

This is the age just before you are ready to invest in a full-size, functional bed. A low height bed, preferably with side guards and twin mattress over it is the best choice for young children. However, a lot of parents want to keep the ‘room to grow’ factor in their mind and they invest in a large size, comfortable mattress instead that can be useful in their teen years as well.

For preparing the bed for Teens

Most of the times, you can choose a full size bed and a full mattress for your teenager since this is the age they are growing fast and most of them are already the size of an adult. Choose a full mattress or a Twin XL when it comes to the size. As for the type of mattress, a memory foam mattress makes a good choice since it has an adaptive nature.

Common Tips for all

  • When setting up the bed for infants, toddlers and young children, make it a point to cover the mattress with a water-proof mattress cover. This will keep the mattress clean, hygienic and will improve its life span as well.
  • Ideally infants, toddlers and young children should avoid the use of pillows. However, teenagers can use a pillow but it should offer firm support. The two in one pillow is a popular choice with the kids who choose the poly fill side for a softer feel. The other side has memory foam.
  • An Innerspring mattress is a great choice for any age group and Memory Foam mattresses are perfect for children who are older.
  • Choose mattresses that boast of modern features such as Ion treatment, cooling gel and BreezeX technology to add comfort to sleep.


The firmness of a mattress is an important factor to consider, irrespective of the age of the user. But it is extremely important when it comes to infants and young children. When setting up beds for kids, parents must strictly buy a firm mattress for infants below 18 months. It is crucial not just for their safety but also their development and growth. However, teenagers can have their personal preferences when it comes to the type of mattress.

Who would have thought that a well-kept bed can actually lead to healthy children?

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Written by Ajay Kumar


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