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If you are unaware of the process that you may be going through in future for your teeth wire treatment. It seems to be a significant concern when it comes to oral care and teeth alignments. Proper teeth alignment not only makes keeps your oral health also but adequately maintains your confidence while you have a smile. Therefore, there are few steps that dentists and orthodontist follow during a teeth wire treatment, Which not only makes your health awareness but also make you understand how important it is for your oral health. Let’s discuss some of the steps for teeth wire treatment

Step 1: Initial Examination
The first step for a teeth wire treatment is all about the patient must refer to an orthodontist for the diagnosis about the positioning of the crooked teeth in the upper and lower jaw. During an initial appointment, your teeth should be diagnosed manually and with X-rays equipment. It is necessary to discuss your dental history with your orthodontist, which will help to take proper treatment decisions.

Step 2: Fitting of Dental Braces
After the completion of the consultation and examination, the dentist goes for the initial treatment by placing a cheek retractor, which is used for keeping your teeth dry and visible throughout the process to put braces. Your teeth need to be polished well before that, conditioned, air-dried, and primed before the brackets are correctly set.
The orthodontist puts some dental cement to hold the brackets in place on the teeth, in the proper position that was decided during the initial diagnosis.
Once the dental braces are in place, the cheek retractor is removed, and dental archwires can be put in place. Generally, this treatment process takes less than 20 minutes, with all the proper steps.

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Step 3: Adjustment of Dental Braces
The third step after the placing of wires is keeping regular appointments for adjustment of your dental wires, which is required for repositioning of the teeth. These checkups are necessary due to the elastic ties that hold the cables in place stretch and makes it weaker with time so that the pressure gets reduced.
During every adjustment checkups, the movement of teeth and progress so far with the dental braces must be diagnosed. The elastic ties that hold the props in place and archwires are removed, and new relations and wires should be placed for proper pressure.
You may feel some tightness and soreness in your mouth shortly during the orthodontist checkups. Typically last long for four to six hours after the checkups and may remain for several days. This happens due to the change in position of the teeth as it keeps changing due to the pressure created by the dental wire on the braces.

Step 4: Removal of Dental Braces
After all the steps when your orthodontist examines that all your teeth have been correctly aligned. Then, your last stage of treatment begins when your braces will get removed. This process is quite simple.
Initially, your elastic ties and wires should be removed. Afterward, the link between the brackets and the teeth made up with dental cement should be properly breaking through applying pressure to the base of the brackets. You may feel some inflammation on your gums while removal of dental braces, but this issue gets reduced within a few days with proper oral care and medicines prescribed by your orthodontists.
So, all these steps must be followed to ensure proper teeth wire treatment. The information mentioned below is the basic knowledge which should be considered while having a teeth wire treatment. Moreover, it also depends on your other health issues which need to be equally crucial while opting for such treatment.


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