Web Directory is generally handled by humans instead of automated software. Humans organize Web directories in contrast to automated programs such as spiders. Web directories have smaller databases compared to search engines. They existed before the introduction of search engines and have always been a trusted source to find quality information. Business Directory is an important promotional tool that helps link building and is also accepted in search engine algorithms.

As you know, web directories are quite valuable as promotional tools and search aids, so you need to know both the free and the paid web directories. Although free web directories are cost-effective and best for most, they aren’t as effective and better as paid web directories in the long run. Web directories are rapid, better quality, and last longer than free directories. They also don’t need reciprocal links, unlike free directories. 

 Paid directories are quicker than free directories.

 Paid directories are quicker to approve and post links compared to free directories. Free directories require a lot of time, even weeks, to just post one link. You also may not be certain whether the directory administrator rejected or accepted the link. All these factors cause a delay in timing and affect the website’s ranking. It affects your website’s presence as well. On the other hand, paid directories help to post links quickly as soon as the payment is received.

 Paid directories last for a longer time compared to free directories.

 Paid directories, unlike free directories, last for a longer time. While free directories just pop up for some time and then fade away quickly after failing to gain the user’s attention, paid directories help house links for a long time since people have paid to post them. This is why it becomes fruitless and ineffective for any business or person to post several free links on web directories without cost. In addition, free directories will fade away quickly before anyone views the link or finds them, which is not the case with paid directories. 

 Paid directories are also higher in terms of quality than free directories.

Compared to free directories, paid directories are considered high quality and standard. However, free directories soon become houses of links, and many include spam. Whereas page directories maintain the overall standard of quality. Paid directories include only those links that can help increase your website’s ranking. So a company or an individual who wants to post links on a web directory should consider the benefit of paid directories concerning the quality as they need not be concerned about their links being mixed potentially with spam material which is so the case with free directories.

Paid directory comes with more features.

 Free listing on a business directory comes with limited features only. Therefore you will get just the bare minimum for free directory submissions. However, with a paid submission, you can access more features and information on the specific directory. For instance, you can add business photos and hours description videos keywords. In addition, many paid directory services offer their clients the capacity to track important statistics such as clicks on their page and the number of visits. 

Professional support and maintenance

Businesses and people consider free web directories a cost-effective option than paid submission; however, the benefits of paid directory submission are substantially high. For instance, driving traffic to your website, generating more sales, and earning more revenue. These directories also boost the search engine optimization of your site. In addition, with paid directory submission, you can cover important aspects related to the professional support and maintenance of the web directory, such as the security of your accounts and updating the platform, which the free directory can’t do.