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The best online tools to create free infographics

As an excellent visual communication tool, infographic gain increased popularity on the Internet. With an infographic, you can share ideas, concepts, promote your products or services graphically. Tt is a feasible way to visualize the content of your blog and that users stay longer on your website. Also, if readers like what they see, they will be more likely to share these visual guides more than pure text.

Although not everyone can do infographics from scratch, there are tools available on the Internet that will help you create your infographics. This article will list several programs to help you create your own infographics easily and with a professional design. Look no further. Let’s checked out these tools.


DesignCap is a simple and intuitive free tool, easy to use and completely online, that allows anyone to create spectacular infographics, flyers, presentations, graphics, creations for social networks and posters, with its concise graphical interface of the drag and drop type. Once the creative work is done, the designs can be saved in the cloud storage, downloaded or published directly on Facebook, Twitter, Email

It is an interesting tool to create your Infographics by merely dragging and dropping the elements. It comes with a friendly interface. This tool is perfect for creating simple infographics. You can use your own images or videos. It allows you to publish online on your site and provides you with a code to incorporate it into your blog.

It is an online tool that helps you create infographics in seconds of your social networks and Google Analytics. And no, you don’t have to be an analyst or a designer to make powerful infographics with relevant data. On Twitter, it makes you an intelligent analysis of tweets, hashtags and mentions. And in the rest of social networks is not far behind. This tool allows you to explore the infographics and favorites of other users. is an online tool that allows you to create your curriculum vitae with a fun and professional design, all with just one click. Surely you do not go unnoticed. It will enable you to show your professional achievements with a convincing and straightforward personalized design. It will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile by generating an excellent visual summary.


Venngage is an online infographics creation tool that helps you create and publish personalized infographics, and at the same time, get followers and analyze your results. This tool allows you to create beautiful infographics for blogs and websites.


With iCharts, you can create excellent graphics with an original look in minutes and with interactive and easy-to-share data. iCharts makes it easy to visualize, share and distribute any data, large and small.

What other free tools do you know to make quality infographics? Actually, the fantasy internet offers us a huge stock of online or offline tools to us, you can only search for some keywords, and then how easily you can resolve your task cost-effectiveness.

Hope this article helps you find a tool to make your infographics online for free.

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