As a big foodie, when I took up the challenge of eating healthy food, I was extremely sceptical about how my meals would taste. Typically, healthy food is synonymous with bland food and I didn’t know how long I could follow such a diet.

Earlier this year, I came across some articles that discussed the benefits of A2 milk over A1 milk. A2 milk seemed to be far more nutritious and I knew I had to incorporate milk into my diet. Calcium and vitamin D complement each other while being absolutely necessary for a balanced diet and A2 milk is a wonderful source for both of them. A2 milk is also a good source of protein which is often lacking in a vegetarian diet.

Other noteworthy benefits of A2 milk include:

  • High nutritious during pregnancy.
  • A healthy alternative to a mother’s natural breast milk and for breastfeeding mothers who are lactating.
  • Rich in Omega 3, which is useful in clearing up cholesterol deposits.
  • Enhances immunity and is said to improve brain functionality.

My hunt for A2 milk began once I was convinced of its numerous health benefits. That’s when I found Native Milk which not only had a subscription plan for fresh A2 milk to be delivered to my doorstep, they also had a wide range of other A2 milk-based products! I could choose from like varieties of A2 paneer, A2 ghee, Chenna Poda and many more to give a healthy upgrade to my breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts!

What I loved the most was that Native Milk’s A2 milk was extremely affordable and came with a 100% pure A2 milk certification. The offer they currently have given me an opportunity to purchase 3 litres of A2 milk at a price of Rs.99 as part of their explorer pack. With this, everyone can first try A2 milk before opting for a regular subscription. This surely helped me personally experience the difference that A2 milk makes.

My Experience with A2 Milk by Native Milk

I was impressed with their packaging. The A2 milk is delivered in a gable carton which is biodegradable. From its first sip itself, you can make out how pure and fresh the milk is. They have their own farms with grass-fed free grazing Gir cows. The milk from these desi cows is free from antibiotics and the fresh milk goes through 3 levels of quality controls before being distributed. This makes the A2 milk highly nutritious and easy to digest.

A2 milk is not as widely available as A1 milk which is people assume that the A2 milk prices must be extremely high. A1 is more widely available than A2 milk, which is also a contributing factor to the difference in prices. A1 milk-producing cows are typically given antibiotics and other hormone injections to produce 15-20 litres of milk per day, while cows producing A2 milk naturally produce only 3-9 litres of milk per day. A2 milk is usually ethically sourced, and Native Milk’s A2 milk comes with the assurance of safe milking practices. Although it is slightly more expensive than regular A1 milk, its plethora of health benefits makes it worth every penny spent on it.

Platforms like Native Milk are driven to make A2 milk widely available to everyone and therefore, they keep the A2 milk prices as affordable as possible. The subscription plans also come with many offers so the longer the subscription, the bigger the discount. Native Milk also comes up with regular discounts and attractive offers to ensure their customers are encouraged to make the switch to healthy A2 milk.

Head over to the Native Milk website and explore their wide range of healthy A2 milk-based products at affordable prices today!