Modern security systems have certainly gone a long way from using bulky cameras that record their footage on magnetic tapes. We are seeing more capable surveillance equipment as well as new gadgets such as motion sensors, video/audio analytics, and advanced mobile integration. Standard security equipment is also getting an upgrade like video cameras recording in ultra-high-definition and enhanced voice detection capabilities. Below are some more examples of security system trends to look out for in the coming years.

Audio Sensors

As security technology improves, no longer will we rely solely on video for surveillance purposes. The CCTV cameras that homes and businesses use for monitoring are incorporating the use of microphones and enhanced audio detection features. Through advanced audio processing technology, these audio-video security systems can be programmed to listen to specific sounds such as breaking glass, gunfire, and other loud noises. Once detected, it can either trigger the camera to start recording or send an alert to check the live footage. Audio analytics are also used to enhance an audio recording by filtering out noise. Such systems are being used in commercial areas like shopping centers, banks, and other high-value facilities.

Innovative Motion Sensors

Several high-tech non-visual sensors are slowly trickling into the market as another means to boost security at home or a business location. Such systems include radar, microphones, and advanced glass detectors that can be installed in windows and doors. Designed to be used in tandem with hidden cameras and audio recorders, it will remove a lot of the vulnerabilities inherent in some areas of a property such as backdoors and side-facing windows. Radar technology is also making its way into homes as a high-end security measure since it’s better at detecting movement compared to infrared that most motion sensors use.

Advance Mobile Integration

Mobile integration in security systems has become quite popular in recent years as smart features in residential and commercial spaces become ever more integral. The ability to arm and disarm security systems as well as remote monitoring through mobile has existed for quite some time, a lot of manufacturers have also started integrating features like alarm triggers and panic buttons in their mobile apps. This allows home and business owners to remotely trigger their alarm to alert the monitoring station on potential emergencies from their mobile phones. Users can also verify and cancel alarms when needed.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Algorithms like machine learning and predictive analytics have transformed the way security systems operate. These advancements in security technology have made existing systems become a lot more effective and efficient. Facial and voice recognition has been commonplace in a lot of security systems for a couple of years now but the use of enhanced machine-learning will slowly make such systems smarter, a lot more efficient, and more accurate. Features such as false alarm suppression, behavioral prediction, and suspect tracking will slowly become standard in many security systems in the future.

Higher Resolution Videos

One trend in security technology that will no doubt become standard is the improvement in video quality across security cameras. One single hidden camera will have enough resolution to make any minute details which are especially useful when investigating a crime or checking to see who’s by the front door. CCTV systems of a couple of years ago were only capable of recording video footage at standard or high-resolution quality. Now, there are cameras capable of recording in 4k Ultra HD which provides an image big enough to make out small details such as license plates, faces, and even tiny hand gestures.

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