The modern housing schemes in Lahore: A bird’s eye view

Lahore is a centre of attraction for potential investors, due to its diversified culture and magnificent infrastructure. From lush green fields to high-rise buildings and miles-long road networks has contributed to the stemming out of many hotspots for real estate investments. The modern housing schemes offering a robust variety of plots for sale in Lahore are the most sought-after property investments as compared to other property plots in Pakistan.

Lahore offers the best options for sale and purchase processes in the form of residential, commercial properties, and that too with added luxuries and facilities. The plots for sale in Lahore that are the trending hotspots of 2020 are a part of the next half of this write-up. Let us brief you what you’re going to explore with us :

Introduction of the housing scheme + Features offered by the housing society+ Road Networks

Let’s get started.

A Bird’s Eye View of Trending Housing Schemes In Lahore

We have selected these from the list of most lucrative housing schemes for investing in plots for sale in Lahore:

  • Askari X
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • LDA City


Housing the replicas of the ‘wonders of the world’, Bahria Town Lahore is itself a wonderful real estate housing project. It offers a stellar variety of plots for sale in Lahore, and that too, at affordable and profitable rates. Incorporating a shiny world of modern facilities, the project is considered to be a game-changer for the real estate sector of Pakistan.

Features offered by Bahria Town Lahore

The facilities provided by Bahria Town Lahore are a breath of convenience for dwellers of the area. Some are:

  • Camera surveillance
  • No load-shedding at all
  • Modern school and colleges, like Bahria Town School and College, LGS School, Bahria Town University.
  • Residential sector is zoned away from the hustle of the city
  • Public entertainment spots, mosques, public parks, fitness centres available

To invest in plots for sale in Lahore, Bahria Town Lahore is one of the smartest and profitable options.

Road Networks

Popular road networks that link from Bahria Town Lahore to the city are Ring Road and Mohlanwal Road.


The largest real estate project, LDA City, is on its path towards completion. Almost a total of fifty thousand (50,000) families will dwell here. The stakes of legality issues is minimum in this housing scheme as LDA is a direct owner.

Features offered by LDA City

The facilities provided by LDA are a breath of convenience for dwellers of the area. Some are:

  • 24/7 Active Security + Gated society
  • Public parks, schools, nearby commercial plazas, mosques and more
  • Easy access to beauty and fitness centres, and parks and grounds for recreational purposes
  • Underground and efficient electricity system
  • Three main boulevards planned

Road Networks

Popular road networks that link from LDA City to the city centre are Ring Road and Lahore Qasur Road.


Askari XI is a housing society developed for retired army officers, but civilians are also allowed to invest and live here. The society has a wide variety of plots for sale in Lahore, and is divided into Sectors A, B and C. Located at a perfect location, in the vicinity of DHA Phase V, it wins over the location points. Hence, it is one of the best investments for property plots in Pakistan.

Features offered byAskari XI

Here is a list of the living facilities in Askari XI:

  • Modernized infrastructure
  • In the premises of DHA and Allama Iqbal Airport
  • Houses the famous schools like Army Public School and Roots Millenium School
  • Security is a defining factor of the society
  • Easy access to shopping plazas and commercial zones of the city

Road Networks

Popular road networks that link from Askari XI to the city centre is the famous Ring Road Lahore.

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