The Truth About Affiliate Marketing – Is It Worth It?

If you want to earn passive income then you can start affiliate marketing. By having some affiliate links on your website, you can initiate earning money. A large number of bloggers are making a huge amount of money with the help of affiliate marketing. But if you think that for earning income through affiliate marketing the only way is blogging then you are not right. For generating money online some other methods are video marketing, email lists and microsites. Now I am going to tell you the truth about affiliate marketing as well as if it is worth using it.

Affiliate Marketing

A type of marketing where for earning a commission, an affiliate promotes the items of other people, is known as affiliate marketing and whenever a sale is made, the affiliate earns a commission. Here the affiliate has to achieve conversions by driving traffic for a merchant. The merchant will pay money to the affiliate whenever he earns a conversion or gets a click.

Working of affiliate marketing

Product links, ads, reviews, videos and blogs are the various things about which offers are advertised by the affiliate marketers on their sites. Basically, for brands and businesses of various types, these offers are advertised. Now if a product is purchased by the customer or a link is clicked by him then the affiliate gets the commission for it.

In order to briefly understand the working of affiliate marketing, the necessary steps are as follows:

  • Select a niche
  • Add yourself to an affiliate program
  • Go for promoting various offers and products
  • Perform the task of tracking and optimizing the conversions
  • Get commissions

What are the factors on the basis of which you will select a niche for your affiliate program?

There are a number of factors on the basis of which you can select a niche for your affiliate program:

  • How much competition exists in the niche? Driving traffic can be very difficult if the niche is crowded.
  • Are you fully aware of what goes on in the niche? When you have enough knowledge about a particular niche then go for selecting that niche only. For instance, if you take interest in cooking then you will have no difficulty in promoting various items related to cooking.
  • If you do not know about a niche then will you take interest in knowing about it? When there are chances of getting success from a particular niche then you can make attempts in getting enough information about it.

What amount of money is normally earned by affiliate marketers?

When you will try to know about the money earned by affiliate marketers then you will realize that there is no fixed income for them and variation can be seen in the income earned by them. Now look at some statistics:

  • In 2016, $50,000 or more were made by 9 % affiliate marketers.
  • Every year, $20,000 or more are made by the affiliate marketers which are nearly 35 %.
  • Every year an amount less than $20,000 is made by the affiliate marketers which are nearly 50 %.

What kind of website is needed for affiliate marketing?

If you want to start affiliate marketing then don’t look for websites that are too expensive or fancy. For encouraging conversions, a website needs to have:

  • A sales copy that is compelling.
  • A content that is interesting.
  • Easy navigation.
  • A professional and attractive look.

What kind of content you can use in affiliate marketing?

Content is the main weapon for earning income in affiliate marketing. If you want the affiliate links to be clicked by the target audience then for attracting them you can use a bait known as the content. The content can be in the form of landing pages, ebooks, reviews, videos and blogs.

Is it possible that without a website you can start affiliate marketing?

A personal website is not always needed for starting affiliate marketing. Some alternative ways of doing it are as follows:

  • Take the help of community forums and social media – You can recommend the products to others by posting affiliate reviews on forums and on online communities. You can do it either as an influencer and you can also do it if on social media a large number of people follow you.
  • Take the help of email marketing – Use email for sending affiliate offers to a wide group of audience. For affiliates a tool of performance marketing that is so powerful is email.
  • Use YouTube – For driving conversions by promoting products, video marketing can be used by a large number of affiliate marketers. A tool for marketing that is so effective is video. Thus, by creating a channel on YouTube you can promote various products on it.

It can be possible for you to get services of social media marketing if you contact a digital marketing company. The company can also provide you the solutions for digital marketing.


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