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Things You Must Know About Using Flowers on Cakes

Things You Must Know About Using Flowers on Cakes

Cakes and flowers both are one of those essential factors which play a vital role in making our life happier and cheerful. If we say that you can take the double joy of both in one, what will your reaction then? Speechless, right? Yes, you can enjoy the two in one with cakes having alluring flowers topping on.

There is something special about fresh cut flowers on a delicious cake that makes every bite of it more gratifying. Send flowers through online flower delivery in Kolkata along with cake having blooms toppings, isn’t it the best idea for your special someone? Of Course, it will. There are various cakes ordered by people on their wedding days dressed in lavender and herbs. As flowers are one of the best and ideal ways to make anyone happier or express the feelings of heart for someone, they are sure to give cakes a charming look.

Those who are bored with the same type of cake decoration can go through some unique ideas we will share here. If you are looking to decorate your own cake with flowers, then where do you start can be a dilemma for you. Here in this article, we are going to tell you everything about using flowers on the cake that will surely help you to get an impressive cake that you wish for.

Which Flowers You Can and Cannot Use as Toppers

The world is full of beautiful flowers; not all of them are safe and edible to use on something edible like cakes. Flowers like baby’s breath and hydrangeas, while popular in bouquets, are actually toxic. Even if you aren’t eating the exact flower, and thinking about eating by combining it with the buttercream, then you’re absolutely wrong here. Hence, it is recommended to stick with edible flowers.

“Flowers that are attractive as well as edible include roses, nasturtiums, calendulas, violets, sunflowers, and hibiscus, among others. One category that’s also pretty secure from top to bottom are herbs like thyme, chamomile, and rosemary,” says Susan Reid, Food Editor of King Arthur Flour’s Sift Magazine.”

Beyond those flowers which are edible, they should be grown organically and not treated with any pesticides. If you are planning to put some fresh flowers on your cake, you have to pay attention to these two things we mentioned in previous lines. If you plant your own flowers in your garden, this is an excellent thing as you can use them for your cake decoration; if not, you can order flowers through online flower delivery in Pune and 0ther cities. Moreover, you can go for the florist and be sure to talk with the shop owner and learn flower’s growing practices to make sure you’re using safe herbs.

How to Decorate Cake with Fresh Flowers

Now you came to know about edible flowers, and there is a dilemma about which flowers you can use as toppings. Right? So, once you have gathered all those flowers, it’s time to decorate the cake. Wash and dry the blooms entirely before using to get rid of little insects that could be lingering inside. Cut stems of the selected flowers, so they are only a couple of centimeters long, and if they have any thorns, remove them. You can choose these flowers as per your special function like roses for valentine’s cake, orchid for a wedding cake or Mums for family gathering party. After doing these all, put these flowers on the cake beautifully and keep it in the refrigerator until it’s ready to be served. In this way, you can keep the flowers fresh and give the cake a glorifying look.


A simple and normal cake can be beautiful with the flowers from your backyard — all you need to know the proper information. There are various online websites, books, and magazines from which you can get the perfect way to decorate the cake. All these things we mentioned above will surely help you to get the perfect cake at home and will give you an exciting cake-baking experience. Well, we hoped you liked this article and came to know about using flowers on cakes. So, give it a try and win your loved one’s heart with flooring-toppings cakes.


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