Curtains are an element that must be chosen with great care when decorating our home. But they are not just a decorative element, they also contribute enormously to improving the comfort of our home, since they help control the light that enters and maintain our privacy inside. That is why we want to give you a few tips on how to choose good curtains. Before that, learn here why choosing the curtains carefully is necessary.

Effects of poor sound insulation on health

To make it easy to understand, Saaria is going to divide the effects into three groups:

Good Curtains

Physiological consequences

Within this group is included the most recognised of the consequences: temporary hearing loss, with the annoying ringing in the ears and the feeling that everything is lower than it should be, so the volume of the voice rises and of the appliances. And even if you are too exposed to noise and you don’t fix it, it can lead to permanent hearing loss, which I’m sorry to tell you, no longer has a solution.

But also within this group are included others that are sometimes not so obvious, such as unbearable headaches, whose origin is in the tension of the blood vessels in the temples; those known as muscle contractions that end up becoming painful contractures; tachycardia and anxiety attacks caused by greater respiratory acceleration and the tension of not knowing what is happening...

Psychological consequences

In this case, we are talking about: sleep disorders such as insomnia or the interruption of dream cycles. Falling asleep will stop being a pleasure and will become a torment with its consequent consequences: lack of performance and concentration (the lack of rest will make you much less productive in all aspects of your daily life, including work) and insecurity or stress in the face of these undesirable situations. The worst part is that depression may result from all of this.

Sociological consequences

The problem, moreover, is that this will not only affect you but your environment will also be involved in this noisy loop. One of the first symptoms linked to excessive noise in your home will be the deterioration of your mood and greater irascibility and aggressiveness, something that, without a doubt, your relatives and friends will perceive.

As you can see, if you don’t want this to end up happening to you, take action now and don’t take the acoustic insulation of your home lightly. Insulate your home well from noise and live your life with quality, health and tranquilly, thus avoiding all the effects of poor acoustic insulation on health.

How to choose good curtains

To make a good choice, the first thing we will have to do is think about what function we want our curtains to fulfil: if we want them to filter the sunlight, hide the room from the outside, achieve an effect of enlarging or reducing the room or the window, or that have a merely decorative function, among others.

Purpose of the curtains

Once we are very clear about the function, we will be able to decide what type of curtain and with what type of fabric to install. For rooms where little natural light enters, it will be convenient to place light and translucent curtains, so that they allow light to enter, but at the same time ensure privacy.

On the other hand, rooms that are exposed to many hours of direct sunlight require the use of thicker fabrics. For the latter, some curtains that are becoming fashionable lately are blackouts, which consist of very large and heavy fabrics that completely block sunlight and also provide some insulation from the outside temperature.

If what we are looking for is to incorporate a decorative element, we must take into account a large number of factors, such as the style of the room, the colour of the furniture and the walls, or the shape and size of the windows. There is a wide variety of styles, types of curtains and prices to fit the needs of each home.


As for the decoration of the curtain itself, it is necessary to avoid mixing patterns, since this would produce a somewhat overloaded and chaotic effect. So, if the upholstery of the furniture in our living room is patterned, the curtains should be smooth, or, at most, with a basic pattern of stripes or Vichy checks.

The colours of the curtains

The combination of colours and fabrics can also be very interesting to achieve a beautiful decoration. For large windows like the ones in the living room, opaque curtains in dark colours could be combined with other thin ones in much lighter tones.

This can also be very practical since the thick curtains can be closed in times of more sun and the thin ones can contribute to privacy when it is not necessary to control the entry of light. In turn, it is important to note that darker colours make the room appear smaller and vice versa.

Types of curtains

One last decision to make would be the type of curtain we want to install, that is, the type of system it uses to open and close. Track curtains are those that hang by sliding guides on tracks installed over the windows.

They are the most appropriate when the space between the roof and the window is reduced since they take up very little space. Roman or Venetian blinds or shades, on the other hand, fold vertically and what they do is save space around the window and bring a greater sense of simplicity to the room.

It is also important to take into account the type of windows that we have at home since practicable or tilt-and-turn windows can make it difficult to use blinds that do not go up completely. For this type of window, it would be more comfortable to install sliding curtains, for example.