Tools for testing your WordPress website’s speed

When making your site faster during the process of development, your WordPress site speed can drop during the process. When it comes to SEO ranking, bounce rate, load time, etc. your site speed matters. If the page loads in 3 seconds or more, your visitor can move on, and you lose a chance of converting.

So no website owner can afford to ignore the speed of the website.

Quick sites have better user interaction, conversion rates, and maybe even rankings for search engines.

Why is page speed critical?

It is only possible to have a great user experience if the page loads in under three seconds. Smooth processing content and images are pleasant to watch, and people tend to interact more when the lousy page speed doesn’t annoy them.

Page load speed directly affects the bounce rate of the website due to the slow page load speed, as users often do not click on internal links on a page. Quick loading pages allow visitors to engage more with the website and go deeper into the pages’ relevant tools.

Additionally, page load speed is a significant factor if the average session time is this post, I explore top tools for testing your WordPress site’s performance and speed so that you can make necessary changes accordingly.

Top WordPress Speed Testing Tools

The following WordPress performance testing tools give you a complete picture of how well your website is working. You can use a single tool to cross-reference website data or use them all in combination.

Dotcom -tool

This free website speed test includes:

  • Browser-based checking of the load time of all page elements.
  • Detection of slow /missing elements
  • Complete waterfall reports, charts, and graphs.
  • free no time required.
  • Test via chrome, firefox, IE, and mobile web browser.

Dotcom-Monitor’s website speed test allows users to test their sites from around the world from 20 locations. Upon completion of a trial, users may select “details,” drill into comprehensive performance reports and analysis of the waterfall chart. Users may also choose from which browser they wish to check. Dotcom-Monitor actively creates performance tools to assist customers, webmasters, and developers in enhancing their websites and their web experience.


GTmetrix is a website speed test tool that is easy to use and safe. Enter the URL you want to check the performance of and get your results in a few minutes.GTmetrix sets the test region and the browser to you automatically. It then provides both a performance score and actual load times for visitors in that geographical location.

As you can see, the data provided by Dotcom-Tools and GTmetrix differ enormously. There are, obviously, variations in location. But there is also a source matter.

GTmetrix aggregates its data from two locations:

  • Google page speed insights
  • Yslow

The data from these methods alone is vastly different.

You’ll want to pay for the update to get the most out of GTmetrix while the free tool may be enough when trying to decide whether to use WordPress or not.

You can add several customizations to your report with the update, including location-by-location drilling, browsers, and playing with connection speeds too.

Pingdom tools

Pingdom is a Swedish-based company (now owned by SolarWinds) offering a variety of services, including uptime monitoring, page speed monitoring, transaction monitoring, server monitoring, and user insights (RUM). Their free website speed test tool is probably one of the things they are most well known for.

It is one of the most common WordPress Community performance testing tools. There is the right amount of data here to work with. If your website does also serve a global audience, then you have a variety of browsers or devices types through which visitors will find your site, you will probably need more insight.

WebPage Test is an excellent tool for measuring the pace of your website to assess your website results. Apart from the load time analysis, you can also run an ICMP traceroute at your sites.

WebPagetest offers you the loading speed of your site and a grade overview of the output of your website. It’s interesting in that it allows you to pick a country from which to display your survey, so you can see how your site is doing around the world. This is useful if you have a broad base of users in overseas.

Do you want to improve the speed of your website? Take WordPress Speed Optimization services by WordPress experts.

When you want to get to the bottom of any performance inefficiencies within your website, a WordPress speed test is a must. Yet note this isn’t just something you’re doing when it’s clear that loading times on your site have slowed to crawl.

When to check a website’s speed-

  • Before website launch
  • Right after the launch of the website
  • To ensure the baseline speed holds once a month.
  • When auditing a prospective client’s current website in Web design.
  • When reviewing a request from potential client maintenance.
  • When conversions on a key landing page are low, and you want to rule out speed as a problem.
  • To find bottlenecks in your ongoing efforts to optimize the platform.

Once your WordPress speed test is done, make sure that you have a checklist to which you can refer when dealing with a slow response.


In this post, we have covered the Importance of website speed and how it affects the ranking of your website. The list of tools will help you check your website’s speed, track your progress, and prove your worth. And all that they can do is for profit. Test your website’s speed today and start working on improving it. Still, wondering about maintaining your WordPress website? Do not worry. Hire a WordPress Support Agency which will take care of your website’s maintenance along with improving your website’s speed.


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