Trek Rupin Pass: A mobile guide to the mountains!

We are sad to have a few healthy days and think of ways to spend a few days of vacation. With a dazzling life, we carry it. If you are on the same boat and you want to go to a picturesque place where you can relax and enjoy nature, there is nothing better than hiking on the Rupin Pass. Yes, you must have heard of it before most people, but you may not choose it. It’s time to choose it for the Rupin Pass from your travel list. If you want to bring adventure lovers out of yourself, this is a great vacation experience.

About the Luping Pass Trekking

The Luping Pass Trekking started in Bundola, Uttarakhand and ended in Sangla at the very high altitude. Through Himachal Pradesh, the whole trekking covers some of the most beautiful sights.

This hiking trail with an altitude of 15,250 meters is one of the highest hiking trails in India. In addition to the diverse rotation and beauty of this place, many nature lovers are also attracted by the sudden changes in the trail.

The beautiful environment is suitable for almost all types of lovers. Walk through the warm landscape and gradually follow the cold landscape. You have to make sure that everything is planned, because the hike is not the easiest to complete, nor the easiest to start. Chapter

What’s So Special About Luping Pass?

Although many people may think that trekking is the same as any other trek, this is not the case. Passing the trail and surveying the entire field, you can see that this trail not only covers beautiful nature that cannot be experienced in cold, hard snow.

You will find many surprises during the walk, waterfalls and villages are some of the important factors that you should explore. The waterfall view is probably one of the best.

Also, Zhaka Village or Hanging Village may be one of the best places you can’t think of. The town is at the end of the mountain and seems to stick out of a cliff.

In addition, you will also feel the beauty of the lush vegetation and the snow bridges that cross the area. The addition of the Kinnaur Temple and the beauty of the Kinner Kailash landscape adds to the experience. You must contact the locals so that you can have an amazing experience without hesitation.


If you want the best experience on your journey, you must arrange the route before you start your journey. If you plan your trip every day, the trip will work best so you know what to do and what to do.

This is a need you cannot avoid, more important than anything else.

We have some important ideas we want to share with you to help you make corresponding plans to ensure that your trip is unforgettable.

The first day

The first day is the journey from Dehradun to Daula. The base camp started in Daula. When you ask in Dehradun, you may even meet some traveling companions.

The easiest way to reach Dhaula is not through some bumpy roads, you must be careful. All tents are located around the Luping River.

The second of day

The second day of the itinerary includes the itinerary from Daula to Seva. This is the next step you must overcome and experiment first. After the first day, you should be rejuvenated. Daura is 11 kilometers away from Ceiba, and you will find that it is not easy for yourself.

You will find that if you follow all of this, the walk will end at noon and you will be able to plan the journey forward. If possible, most hikers usually reserve their home in Seva and look around. The local temple is a miracle, due to its architecture, it can be experienced and witnessed. The unique thing about this place is that the idol is universal in the 12 villages that surround it, and then the idol will move around the village every month.

The third day of

The third day of the trip is to walk from Sewa to Jiskun. This is a very nice trip with amazing nature. The first thing to do is the downhill journey from Sewa to Rupin pass trek. You must cross the border into Himachal Pradesh via a small wooden bridge over the Luping River.

From there, hikers must go up the mountain to the Wusan Temple, which is a rocky path. You have to walk continuously for 6 kilometers, the roads are bumpy and dusty. When you are done, you need to walk to the village of Giskin. You can reserve a house there, admire the fascinating stone and wood views, and admire the magnificent views of the surroundings.

Fourth day

From Giskun to Udaknar, itinerary of the fourth day. The hike starts from Giskun to Jaka Village. Due to the location of Jaka Village. It seems that the town has died. From there the trail continues through the forest and the lush green space of Udaknal. The campground overlooks a beautiful cliff, making it a great place to visit and explore.


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