Tried and True Erectile Dysfunction Treatments from Super P Force

Briefly about the drug

Super P Force is a reliable remedy against sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The drug affects the duration of sexual intercourse and increases it several times. It also restores an erection. Buy Super P-Force without a prescription. It features fast absorption, minimal contraindications, reliable and long-lasting effects.


The product can be used to fix several problems. It is useful in the fight against premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

It works due to its two powerful active substances: Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. They, acting in conjunction with each other, affect the blood flow in the reproductive system’s organs and the production of a unique substance – serotonin. Normalizing these and other body processes, pills return to a man his old “male” abilities in the sexual sphere.


One 160 mg tablet contains Dapoxetine and Sildenafil.

If you take it separately, highlighting each component, it turns out like this:

Sildenafil – 100 mg;

Dapoxetine – 60 mg.

A small part of the total volume is excipients. Without them, the tablet cannot achieve the desired effectiveness. These substances include: forming agents and elements that enhance the absorption of the main active components.

What is the form of release

You can now buy Super vidalista in our pharmacy, ordering online, in the form of tablets. One plate contains four pills. You can learn the Super P Force by the following characteristics:

Tablets are blue, rhomboid biconvex with slightly rounded corners. The reverse side of the blister where the pills are located is painted in green. There you can read specific information about the drug. The package also includes instructions.

What are the benefits of the drug?

Among the advantages of this drug, the following can be distinguished:

·     Quickly stops the centers of excitement and tension, allowing the patient to relax;

·     It works in many cases, regardless of the man’s age and the severity of the disease;

·     Not an expensive drug compared to the rest;

·     Its quality is confirmed by the association of proctologists.

The main advantage of this tool, no doubt, is that it is entirely harmless for men. It can always be used, often and actively, drinking without the slightest harm to health!

How to take a pill

The tool is taken 30-60 minutes before sexual contact. It is necessary to swallow the tablet on an empty stomach and drink it with water.

Other recommendations for taking generic drugs:

Alcohol and fatty foods interfere with the absorption of active substances and the onset of the expected effect. Therefore, fatty foods and alcohol should be avoided. Tadarise 20 is valid for 12 hours. Repeated reception is possible in a day. The drug can be taken daily; the price of Super P-Force allows you to do this without compromising the budget.

Side effects occur only in some patients. In case of an overdose, nausea, headache, increased heart rate, etc. may appear. It is not recommended to use Super P-Force for people with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, people under 18, and allergies to the components of the product.

Special instructions (contraindications)

·     Age up to 18 and above 70 years;

·     Diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Action Details

Both substances begin to act simultaneously. They enter the bloodstream and move directly into the pelvic area. Thus, PDE is blocked by a type 5 inhibitor, Sildenafil. Dapoxetine, in turn, inhibits serotonin. Sex is extended. It turns out that after arousal, a man has a strong erection, and when in contact with a woman, he can satisfy her for a long time.

Super P-Force: Reviews and questions that interest patients the most

Judging by the reviews of most patients, unsatisfied men with the effect of the tablets, no. Patients of all ages advise Super P-Force to their friends and acquaintances, focusing on the drug’s safety. And the price quite suits the consumer. At least, they argue, this is much cheaper than attending regular procedures to restore sexual functions. Super P Force Oral Jelly is the choice of many, not only patients but also specialists in medicine. Doctors around the world now recommend this particular product to increase potency at home.

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