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Unexpected Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is a chance to change your life. The benefits of the training may or may not apply to all, but anyone who completes any of the courses will enjoy some benefits.  From increased flexibility, enhanced mobility, improved immune system, relaxation, and calming the mind, the benefits are many. However, after you go through the training, expect to enjoy some cool extras. Here are some unexpected bonuses for  yoga teacher training.

Learn and hone your leadership skills

The training aims to help you become a professional teacher, but there is more to what you learn. You learn to become a true leader during and after the training program. In a training session, you learn to ask or answer questions, understand others, and even consider them when making decisions. You also learn other things like a comfortable way to share your knowledge and to help others, which are all qualities of a good leader.

Stimulate your creativity

Creativity is not only about painting a picture. It is also about the way we think, solve issues, and finding a way to do new things. Yoga teacher training offers you an environment to try new things and grow. It tastes your creativity levels and pushes you to try to create and integrate new things in your life.

Become more patient

Another unexpected bonus of yoga teacher training, especially in India, is learning how to be more patient. You have to be patient when doing asana and other yoga practices. Impatience is not entertained in yoga. To counter impatience, you will need to hold postures for a few minutes, focus on your breath, and meditate. All these practices make you more patient.


Feel grounded

Yoga practice can stimulate your root chakra and help you feel more grounded. However, the environment and lifestyle in yoga ashram will leave you feeling connected to the earth and more grounded. You will find other practice in a yoga teacher training centres that will make you more ground and connected to the universe.

Increase your confidence

Ever felt like running away or calling in sick when you know you are gaining to have to speak in a public meeting or work/business convention? You are not alone. Most people don’t have the courage and confidence to speak in public. During yoga teacher training, every student gets the opportunity to address the class. It is a way of practicing teaching in front of others.

The practice teaching sessions may include teaching assigned postures and creating a sequence and teach it in front of the class. These session increase your confidence and builds your courage. Even though they might not be rigorous during a convention, the regular practice sessions will ultimately improve your confidence.

Sharpen your intuition

We all have intuition, it is the aspect of the mind that we listen to always. A regular meditation session during yoga teacher training allows you the time and skill to sharpen your intuition, by quieting and calming your mind, anxieties, and fears. You create space for infinite wisdom and sharpen our intuition.

Learn a vegan way of life

You don’t have to be a vegan to join a yoga teacher training school, but while you are there, you can learn and enjoy a vegan way of life. Of course, no one will judge your choices, but why not try a healthy way of living while you can.  Learn and enjoy it.

Balance your hormone

Even though it is not said, yoga practice brings your entire system into control. It especially brings back your endocrine system into equilibrium by nourishing your glands. Also, the healing effects of yoga postures are effective on your hormones. They soothe and rejuvenate the adrenal glands, which secrete stress hormones.

These unexpected cool benefits of yoga teacher training. If you are looking for something that will support your personal growth and give you other bonuses, then the training is best for you. This inward journey teaches you practical skills like proper body awareness and alignment, but also offers you amazing benefits beyond the one you can see and feel. The more you learn and discover new practices, the more amazing you become. You will learn to be more patient, confident, and live a healthy lifestyle.


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