Just when the thought of experiencing Chadar trek hits my brain, the most fulfilling and adventurous sensations possible starts unfolding within me. Even the idea of experiencing the Himalayas in the form of Chadar trek pulls out peaceful yet adventurous sensations within me.

CHADAR TREK or THE TREK OF a LIFETIME. The steep mountains of the Himalayas, walking on a snow-covered river, experiencing the frozen waterfalls and surviving in freezing -30 degrees is enough for you to understand the Eternal power of Nature.

The Chadar trek allows you to know every bit of the Zanskari culture. You get to know how the locals survive the whole year in such climatic conditions, you might also encounter the ever peaceful monks while you are trekking. The sense of perception and love for life even in those extreme conditions that these monks carry would leave you in a totally humble state.[1] While trekking on the frozen Zanskar river you would witness the magic of mother nature in the form of the frozen Naerak waterfall. Frozen completely from top to bottom, Naerak falls surely is the most pictures sight in the whole trek full of beautiful vistas of nature. This Ladakh Zanskar trek is willing to offer the most enriching experience of your life.

A unique blend of culture that surrounds you is really very comforting and natural in its own way. While trekking at 11100 ft. chadar surrounded by snow and Himalayan mountains, you would know the importance of your existence, and it is enough to make you more humble. Those spectacular mountains, overwhelming sights of nature are waiting to be explored in the purest forms in which they exist.

The best time or the only time to visit the chadar trek is in January and February when the river is completely frozen and is suitable for trekking.

To make your experience more enriching than ever before somethings are needed to be taken care of…


  1. You should be ready with enough woolens as the temperature sometimes can go as low as -30 during the trek. [though the average temperature remains around 0 to -15 degrees during winter season]
  2. The chadar trek difficulty level is high. So prepare yourself mentally and physically, do relevant exercises and yoga practices to boost up your stamina. Be mentally prepared. DO NOT TAKE THIS TREK LIGHTLY AND GO UNPREPARED.
  3. Carry some foodstuff which can provide instant energy when required.
  4. Drink an adequate amount of water and be hydrated.
  5. The guide is the most experienced person and his instructions should be followed during the trek so that unwanted situations can be avoided.
  6. You would rarely find any communication networks during the trekking period so remain prepared for the trek.
  7. Make sure you do not litter during the trek and make the place dirty, try to give back the place in its purest form so that the other trekkers can also feel the same joy and fulfillment that you have had while trekking in the chadar.
  8. Maintain the eco-friendly legacy that other trekkers left for you.


  1. Do not fill up your trekking bag with irrelevant things which could increase the weight of your bag, as it may cause serious issues and uncomfortable situations during the trek.
  2. Do not go or roam here and there without the permission of the guide.
  3. Do not step on cracked or broken pieces of snow.
  4. Do not panic if any unlikely situation happens during the trek, the trekking guide is the best person to guide you in those kinds of situations.


To start the chadar trek you first have to take a flight to reach Leh.. upon the event of you reaching LEH cold winds would encounter you..and will let you leave behind the hustles of city life.

Spend two days in Leh to acclimatize yourself, as per government regulations, you need to spend 2 days in Leh in order to acclimate yourself to start the trek.

After two days of relaxing you need to go for a medical test in order to go for chadar trek after you clear the medical test, you will receive all the required permits necessary Wildlife Permits, Insurance documents, and other necessary documents! in order to go for a chadar trek.

Get ready to be overwhelmed by what Chadar trek has to offer to you and pack your bags to experience Ladakh and the Himalayas like never before!



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