Self-awareness – what is that? Well, in simple words, self-awareness refers to the ability of one to engage themselves in the form of reflective awareness. It talks of the need to be completely aware of oneself and to connect with one’s individualistic identity. Only when you are aware of your being can you channel your full potential and succeed in life.  

Doing various intuitive and immersive activities can help you to know yourself better. From playing the Mind Busting Escape Rooms to even mindfulness meditation, there are several kinds of activities and games that you can pick out. These self-awareness activities will help you achieve your goals efficiently over time, as you can now know your needs, desires, and strengths more efficiently than ever before.  

Now, if you are at a loss in choosing the right exercises or activities for self-awareness, this article is here for you! Here we have showcased 7 games that can help you grow more aware of yourself in a fun and unique way. So, come on, and let us check them out.  

  1. An immersive escape room game 
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Playing an escape room game is an intriguing and exciting way to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. From the Mind Busting Escape Rooms to Wild Goose Escapes, there are various mystery rooms based on unique and realistic themes that you can choose to play.  

An escape room game transports players to a new world where they must fight for survival by solving puzzles and clues before time runs out. The virtual yet realistic world of the escapades makes the players think creatively and innovatively to make their escape from the room.  

The mind-boggling riddles and puzzles players need to solve in the game help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. The entire gaming experience puts positive stress on the players as they try to navigate their way out.  

  1. Among Us. 
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Another game that has become quite sensational these days amongst users worldwide is Among Us. Developed and introduced by an American game studio named Innersloth, Among Us can be a unique game that can help you become self-aware. You can play this exciting and immersive game with 4 – 15 players.  

The game works on an immersive space-themed backdrop, where players pop up as cute colorful armless cartoon astronauts! Among Us transports players to a two-dimensional world with one to three imposters on their way. At the beginning of the game, one to three players randomly get chosen to act as Imposters in your mission.  

As you may have already understood by now, the key objective of the game is to find out the Imposter in your gang before they start killing the others. The Imposter can either try to win the game by killing most or all of your crew members slowly or may try to sabotage a vital system in the game. Similarly, the Crew members can win either by getting rid of all the imposters in the game or completing all the assigned tasks.  

The game is exhilarating and immersive and boosts your self-awareness as you continuously try to convince your fellow players that you aren’t the Imposter!   

  1. Fortnite  
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Fortnite works as an online video game developed by Epic Games. Interestingly the game allows you to choose one of the three available game modes. However, all three game modes portray the same graphics and art assets. They also work on the same game mechanics.  

It is must try for people who love to play action-packed games. As players immerse themselves in the gameplay, they need to rely much on their hearing efficiency to track and hunt others. It is much like your usual battle royal game, wherein the last player to remain standing bags the prize.  

As the game gradually proceeds, players can feel the pressure on them to intensify as the “Storm Circle” starts to close into a small area. In this small remaining area, the existing players have to compete against each other.  

Given that you can be shot anytime by your teammates gradually helps you to boost your self-awareness. The game enables you to learn and become aware of your capabilities by putting you under threat and pressure! 

  1. Sudoku  
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Sudoku is a pretty traditional game that has slowly progressed from newspapers to mobile apps. It is an intriguing game that can help you know yourself better than ever before.  

The game helps players to refine their analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities in no time! It puts to use your mathematical deduction abilities and helps to boost your self-awareness abilities.  

The game’s rules are pretty simple: You need to strategically place numbers in the blank squares so that there is a perfect chain of numbers from 1 to 9 in all directions and in every box.  

The game’s most challenging and tricky part comes towards the end when players are left to complete a few blanks. With limited options in hand and time running short, you need to make wise decisions and take advantage of your enhanced self-awareness!  

  1. Chess 
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The immersive indoor board game Chess can also help you boost your self-awareness effectively. It is a top-rated board game worldwide, and you can even find national or international tournaments for it too! But all things aside, chess can play a vital role in helping players know themselves better than before.  

You may have noticed that people who play chess are relatively calm. You will even find them react to events logically rather than letting their emotions engulf the better of them.  

Even when you keep such people under time constraints and immense pressure, you will still find them unbelievably calm. Hence, there is no doubt that chess can help you boost your self-awareness effectively!  

  1. Sky: Children of the Light 

Developed and published by Thatgamecompany, this is a unique and immersive 3-D adventure game. Playing this game can help you to boost your self-awareness levels effectively. It is a rather light-hearted game that you can still play. 

In this game, you can fly around in your cape and discover the once prosperous kingdom that has lost all its glory. There are several unique realms that you can encounter as you play the game. Each realm presents a fantastic theme and represents a new form of life.  

Even though the game performs on rather simplistic technology, it can work as an effective self-awareness booster. Players remain drawn into the gameplay and are left to decide their course of action. Therefore, the game can help increase mindfulness and instills a sense of control over emotions. 

  1. Calm  
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Calm is a uniquely-built mobile app that aims to promote a greater sense of mindfulness and self-awareness amongst its users. It does not offer any high-level mechanics or present diverse characters like any other game. And just as the name suggests, the prime objective of this mobile app is to relax the user.  

This mobile app offers users different breathing exercises and showcases beautiful pictures of diverse locations worldwide. As you take part in practicing the breathing exercises and look at these beautiful pictures, you can gradually achieve a greater sense of self-awareness than ever before!  

Self-awareness is an essential step towards success, for it is when you know yourself better that you can make the most of your abilities. So, go ahead and check out these seven immersive games and learn more about your hidden inner self!