What 11 Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Have In 2020?

Often, we fail to choose which kitchen gadgets and tools to include in our kitchens. It is primarily because we all have different tastes and prefer other meals that use various techniques to prepare them. But to be fair, we have to consider the best kitchen gadgets on that are all-purpose, and if they are missing in your kitchen, then you will have a gap somewhere. What should we shop at first?

Kitchen Gadgets And Their Uses

Pressure Cooker

If you enjoy cooking effectively and less time, then a pressure cooker is one of the kitchen gadgets you can’t live without. You can also choose to preserve your food in a pressure cooker utilizing high-temperature steam under pressure. It’s best for cooking stews, soups, tough meat, beans, and mashed potatoes. The methods of cooking include steaming, boiling, stewing, braising, poaching, and steam roasting.

Can Opener

When you walk along an aisle in your favorite store, most of the products you’ll find are probably canned. So if you take your baked beans or tomato paste home, a can opener should be among the kitchen gadgets and equipment that you should own. A can opener prevents ones from harming themselves by using a knife to cut open the can, which definitely won’t be to perfection.

Blade Peeler

A blade peeler is among the kitchen gadgets under $10. For the ones who prefer fries, either from sweet or Irish potatoes, you will have to peel the jacket to ensure that you leave the potatoes naked, ready for the dip to the fryer. Some will also prefer to use it on ginger or fresh turmeric to scrap off the hard coat that covers the part within.

Kitchen Colander

Among the kitchen gadgets must-haves 2020, a colander should make a list. This tool has lots of uses, even though it is simple to use. The colander can be a sieve if you want to wash your rice. You can also use it to rinse fruits and vegetables when you take them for a bath. Utensils such as spoons and forks can be on them after washing to drip the water before storing them.

Coffee Maker

For the morning people who always rush to work hurriedly, a coffee maker is one of the kitchen gadgets you can’t live without. We also can’t leave out the guys who stay up late to work on projects, since a coffee cup makes the reader awake. Provided you have good coffee beans storage containers to ensure that you have them in excellent condition, you can always wake up to a good cup of coffee. The one thing that it’ll save you is the long queues at coffee stops, and also you get to choose a variety of ways you can prepare your coffee. Think of it as a barista in the making!

Mortar And Pestle

For kitchen gadgets without electricity, a mortar and pestle come through for ‘chefs’ while preparing their ingredients. Although you’ll need a bit of effort to manually grind the stuff that you choose, i.e., garlic, ginger, seeds, spices, nuts, sea salt, leaves, candies, or rice, the procedure will be worth it. The equipment allows you to freely choose the texture and amount of food you are working on. The other advantage is that the material used to make them clear off stains quickly, so maintenance is simple.


Any cake lovers reading? A metal whisk is among kitchen gadgets under $25. Call it a mix-master, or however you prefer, a whisk is a specially made tool to mix ingredients evenly. After including your floor, eggs, extract, and milk, a whisk will give you a proper texture to ensure that your cake or cookies will have a balanced flavor profile and an even distribution of all ingredients. You can also use a whisk to mix fresh juices before adding to another mixture.


Graters have a variety of teeth that help give you different cuts and shapes to the ingredients you aim to put together. It works well for salads since you will need to mix up the color and count. The several sizes are also a bonus, and upon purchasing, you get to choose what works best for you. Carrots, zucchini, potatoes, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and cabbage provide a good texture that makes grating easier. The harder the food is, the better and more comfortable you’ll have to grate.


Tongs are kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier. The beauty of tongs is that you will save most of the hassle your bare hands might go through if you perform different tasks. The activities in which tongs come through a lot include barbecuing, shallow frying, twisting and turning salad on a bowl, holding pieces of meat while cutting, and serving some foods. They come in different head shapes and sizes as well, and each might have a specific purpose if you consider the material.

Universal Lids

One of the kitchen gadgets unique additions is the universal lid. With a glass in the middle and bordered by steel, universal lids are the best lids you can use while cooking. For those who prefer their stew to settle or cook by steam, evenly cook rice, and keep the germs away, getting universal lids will be the best choice. You should consider proper storage for this equipment since they are valuable, although glass is fragile.

Digital Kitchen Scale

You might argue that measuring spoons and cups are all you need when it comes to taking measurements in the kitchen. A simple concern would be, for instance, you are with a recipe that contains ingredients like meat, leafy vegetables, or anything that can’t fit on the cups, how will you go about it? The digital kitchen scale has proved to be very instrumental in getting an exact measurement in weight. What do you think bakers use when you order your cake?

How to Organize Kitchen Gadgets

There are different ideas that you can use to arrange your kitchen gadgets and tools. Depending on the space you have, these are the alternatives;

  1. Arranging them on a towel rack
  2. Opting for a rake
  3. Inventing your DIY rack
  4. Making use of the space in your pull-out drawer
  5. Mounting them under your upper cabinets
  6. Placing them in a Legos-made customized container
  7. Hanging them on a pegboard
  8. Arrange them in a pitcher (preferably one of stainless steel)
  9. Hanging them on hooks on the side of the cabinet
  10. There’s enough room inside a cabinet door.
  11. Just smartly arranging them diagonally in a drawer.

Conclusion: It’s essential to ensure that you’ve equipped your kitchen with the necessary kitchen gadgets to find your cooking experience to be comfortable in the end. The other thing is, there is no point in getting all these kitchen gadgets and leave your kitchen looking all messy and unorganized. Ensure that you keep them clean and in a proper state that won’t affect your health.

Which kitchen gadgets do you have? Which ones are you yet to get? Do you fancy any? What would you include on the list? Leave a comment.

Author’s Bio: Nellie Rodriguez of this text is a chef and a community leader. She spends most of her holidays in her backyard, preparing barbecues for her neighbors as they interact and share ideas. Nellie values each kitchen equipment on the list as it comes in handy for her in the kitchen.


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