What Are 4 Major Steps In Road Construction Process?

When we talk about commercial infrastructure projects, then road pavement is one of the imperative construction. The road construction plays a vital role in the commercial sector. In general terms, roads are comprised of all kinds of outdoor pavements that are professionals constructed such as parking lots, pedestrian paths, driveways, private roads, streets, public highways, etc.

Some kinds of roads are excluded from commercial sector construction such as specialized transportation roadways, etc. All projects have the same basic construction method but they may require different kinds of construction material, construction tools and equipment, and techniques for pavement.

Here, in this article, we are going to list down some important points that will help you road construction process. The following four steps form the fundamental process for the construction of the road.

1. Proper Planning And Preparation

Everything will start with proper planning for the entire process. Commercial road construction needs proper planning & preparation to avoid silly mistakes. As the commercial roads are constructed to carry a huge volume of traffic, therefore, there is no space for small mistakes that can lead to major accidents.

The professional commercial road pavement experts or civil construction services providers will map and create the control line on both sides of the road. After that, the professionals will create reference marks along with the shoulds. At these points, marks will be created to help the crew in the construction process.

Before starting the construction process, it is also very important to clear the vegetation from the site for easy access. The contractor has to remove vegetation and other kinds of obstruction on the way before starting the pavement process. The unwanted plants or weed can affect the structural integrity of the paved road.

2. Utility Installation Process 

After proper planning, site survey and removing vegetation, then next step is utility installation such as storm drain. These utilities will help in the prevention of water puddling over the road. This is one of the critical phases in the road construction process.

The underground utility installation is a very complex task because it includes the fitting of valves. The new type of pipe system is integrated with the existing drainage system. After that, these pipes are redirected to the affected houses. Also, the concrete support for street lights is constructed before starting the road pavement process.

3. Road Pavement Process

Once the underground utilities are installed and properly tested, then the next step is starting the proper road pavement process. The road construction process involves various other things along with road surface construction such as concrete curbs, pedestrian roads, gutters, and even new driveways to the residential areas.

When the construction process started, then vehicles are not allowed t drive through this road for at least one week. The base foundation layer is formed, then the upper later of hot asphalt is poured over it. Then the compaction process is done so that mixture combine accurately to form the strong bond.  While constructing the road, the electric conduits are also installed for the street lights.

Leave it for two days and let the asphalt pavement dry. Now, it is time for road paint! Now, draw lines on both sides of the road pavement, zebra crossing, cycle paths, etc. Road marking is one of the very important steps in the commercial road construction process. When it is ready to handle the traffic, then remove the barriers and let the vehicles go through this road. The road construction experts also provide repair services if any issues appear after some days.

4. Landscaping, Marking, And Cleanup

The road pavement process does not end here because it includes landscaping to make the road aesthetically pleasing. After putting so much effort, it is necessary to make it beautiful along with functional. The site cleanup is also an important task along with landscaping. The landscaping process should be started before the final layer of asphalt is poured over the surface.

This process can also be started with the first layer of asphalt pavement. The landscaping process includes topsoil, various decorative bulwarks, etc. There are various things that you can do to make the commercial road to make it visually pleasing even after the site cleanup. For landscaping purposes, the ornamental plants and trees can be planted at the side of roads.

Final Words:

The commercial road construction process is a little bit difficult than the residential driveway pavement process. The commercial road will be responsible to handle a huge amount of regular traffic. Therefore, the road construction process includes precise planning and preparation.

The above mentioned four stages the basic road construction process. The techniques may vary from one project to another. The pavement material may also change but the basic stages will remain the same.

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