What Are Composite Front Doors?

Heritage composite doorsare increasingly being used in the United Kingdom as front doors. Since they are made of a number of diverse materials and are one of the most robust types of doors, their appeal is easy to grasp.
Composite is a comparatively modern method of making doors. In the past, the key types of materials to be used for the exterior doors and windows will be wood, uPVC, and aluminium. However, after the composite was made, more homeowners are now gravitating to composite doors for longevity and protection purposes.

This post will take a closer look at what composite doors are and how they are a good option to wood, uPVC, and aluminium.

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are relatively new to the door industry. Many homeowners are switching from more conventional oak, uPVC and aluminium doors to composite doors.

Designed using a variety of materials, composite doors are essentially hybrid and typically cost more than any other materials used for exterior windows and doors. However, they are highly robust and provide higher standards of reliability in contrast.

What do composite doors look like?

Composite doors, at first glimpse, look like wood. The composite door has a very appealing wood grain on the outside, making it a perfect choice for homeowners who want a natural effect with multiple materials’ advantages.

What are composite front doors?

Composite front doors are a combination of various fabrics. The products used are already in the marketplace, but they are molded together to create a composite door. The composite door has all the high-quality components of the different materials integrated to produce a very solid exterior door.

What are composite doors made from?

Composite doors are made of wood, acrylic reinforced glass, and UPVC. Manufacturers take the best bits of these products and blend them in order to create an extremely powerful door. In fact, it’s the best commodity on the market today.

Composite doors have a solid foundation of wood. The sheets of wood are glued together and pressed under high pressure. This pressure allows the wood sheets to be completely moulded together and to make one solid piece of wood. The door is then coated with uPVC and/or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). GRP is a fibre-reinforced polymer that is a very robust material – even more than carbon fibre. Its lightweight and adaptable features make it the perfect coating for the core of the wood.

There are pros and cons to all kinds of doors. UPVC is cheap and durable to extreme weather conditions but is not very strong in the unusual event of a break-in. Timber is a very strong material, but over time it can warp and rot.

By incorporating all these components together, it leads to removing the cons of the materials. A solid wood core provides the strength, but the UPVC and GRP protect the wood from warping.

How secure are composite doors?

Composite doors have been the toughest material to date. Perfect for outside doors. While wood and aluminum offer an incredible degree of durability, they do have their faults. The advantages of wood, uPVC, and GRP are combined to create a composite door that helps eliminate safety risks from a single material door. It’s hard to break down the strong structure, so if security is a concern, you might want to take into account a composite front door.

Are composite doors the best choice?

If you have a budget for it, composite doors are the best option for the exterior of your home. You can buy single-material doors, such as wood, uPVC, and aluminum at a lower price, which will do a great job. Still, composite offers the perks of many materials and removes their disadvantages.

Apart from the cost, the composite doors look fantastic. With the insulating material and robustness of aluminum, you get the curb appeal of a wooden door. Composite doors also do not require any kind of maintenance or treatment. It’s a very low maintenance material.

If you plan to get a new door, you must buy composite doors, as it is one of the best options available to date.

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