What Are the Best Spices for Barbecuing Meat?

Sometimes barbecued meat is missing something. Dipping sauces and side dishes can only do so much. What you really need is some spice to add flavor, and even add a few health benefits.

Let’s discover the best spices for barbecuing meat. You can use them alone, or combined to make a signature seasoning your family will rave about.

1. Salt

Salt not only adds flavor itself but enhances and adds balance to other flavors. A pinch of salt can also help keep your body’s sodium levels up, which is a great bonus. Sodium plays an important role in the body.

2. Garlic and Onion Powder

These two spices add zest, tartness, sweetness, even a hint of heat if you’re extra sensitive.

Garlic is healthy too, which you don’t want to miss out on. Onions have their fair share, too.

Alone or together, garlic and onion powder can enhance any meal. Just be careful not to go overboard, as too much can get overpowering fast.

3. Chili

Chili comes in many forms, including flakes and powders. It’s variable in other ways too, from spice level to types of chili. It can be made from any number of chili peppers and go from mildly spicy to flaming in a matter of seconds.

A little chili is all you need in most cases. It’ll add a kick you can’t beat. Different chili powders also bring their own flavor to the mix, outside of the obvious heat. It’s savory and aromatic, and other spices are often thrown into chili powder mixes for an even more desirable taste.

Lastly, chili peppers have their health benefits too. Heavenly taste and health seem to be linked with most of these spices.

The Gentle Option: Paprika

If you don’t know what chili powder to get, paprika is an excellent starting point. Smokey, sweet and not too hot, it’s often regarded in a league of its own with spices.

Paprika’s flavor isn’t strong or overpowering, but it adds to any dish. I suggest you pair it with garlic powder. A paprika rub and a sprinkling of garlic are a delicious combination on barbecued meat.

4. Pepper

Pepper not only adds heat and flavor, but when crushed it can create a crispy, thick coating. That’s great if you want the crisp of a charcoal or pellet grill, but you have gas or electric.

With ground pepper, flaked pepper and peppercorns, you have tons of flavor and texture variety with this spice.

5. Herb Mixes

Dried herbs are great on their own, or combined. Freshly dried herbs have tons of flavor, but they can be bitter. You can limit that flavor by pairing them with salt.

Final Thoughts

Seasoning is mainly up to personal preferences, but there are five I think most people will enjoy. Mix things up, try new combinations, and customize your meat.

Learn more recipes at Barbecue Grill Review, and other helpful grilling tips to get the most out of your BBQ.


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