Cushion cut diamonds are an attractive, distinct, and classic option for a wedding or engagement ring. These diamonds offer a conventional aesthetic and carry old-times charm since it is square shaped or softened rectangular shaped. Cushion-cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular among couples. This gemstone incorporates modern times round brilliant cut and old mine faceted diamond pattern. This option provides a pillow look as it comes with softened corners and a square shape, which is why it is known as a cushion-cut diamond. Although they are available in square shapes, most also come in rectangular shapes. A cushion cut diamond is a classy cut loved by people for more than 200 years. This cut is not so brilliant compared to brilliant round diamonds; however, they have better fire and look appealing. Modified cushion cuts have needle like or crushed ice patterns. 

How to choose a cushion-cut diamond?


If you want to know about the quality of a cushion-cut diamond, then it is important to know the cut that influences the quality. Good quality cushion-cut diamond ring has multiple facets on the surface, which provides a radiant look. A well-defined cushion cut diamond comes with a table and depth of 70%, minimum grade Polish, and symmetry.


Modern diamonds have cushion cut dazzle since they have multiple faces and brilliant cuts. You should aim for the lowest clarity cushion cut diamonds, which will appear clean to the eyes.


Cushion-cut diamonds differ from other types of diamond shapes since they maintain their color quite strongly. Therefore, you can go for Colored Diamonds with color grade H and above.


The carat weight determines the price of cushion-cut diamonds. Higher carat weight comes with high price points. So if you want to buy a large Cushion cut diamond for your engagement ring, it will look attractive and come with a high price tag.

The main beauty of these diamonds lies in their vintage appeal, which is quite alluring. Many diamond shapes are vintage-inspired and have old-school settings. However, cushion-cut diamonds come with correct settings and carries a feeling of nostalgia. Some settings that work well for cushion-cut diamonds are as follows.

  • Halo settings are the best choice when buying cushion-cut diamonds for your engagement ring. These settings are similar to cushion cuts as they are contemporary and old-fashioned. Cushion cut diamonds with Halo settings provide a vintage aesthetic and a charming appeal which also looks modern in the present time.
  • A bezel setting is also a popular setting choice for cushion-cut style diamonds. If you are buying a 4-carat or 2-carat cushion cut, then four prongs will be the best setting for you as they will secure the stone in its place. If you’re buying a large stone, then 6 prong setting will be the best and will offer added stability.

Cushion-cut diamonds are highly durable since they have round edges. This style is a combination of both contemporary and traditional, and this is the reason why they are much more affordable compared to other diamond shapes. They carry exceptional fire and brightness features, so they reflect both white and colored light beautifully. At present, cushion-cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, and you can choose a wide variety of stones if you choose this style. If you want to buy a beautiful large diamond ring without spending additional money on a fancy diamond shape, you can go for cushion-cut diamonds.


Cushion-cut diamonds are less expensive than round-cut diamonds, and you can save 20 to 30% of your money. Depending on the quality of the cushion cut diamond and other four factors, the price of 1-carat cushion cut diamond will come in a range of $ 3000 to $ 7000.