What is hybrid fair and what are the advantages

Last year, the world came to a standstill with the outbreak of the pandemic. All our activities got disturbed, and things stopped working abruptly. This affected many industries including the event industry. As a result, all the events that were planned in advance had to be canceled or postponed indefinitely. This made people switch to virtual events. And we witnessed a mass exodus of events from the physical to the online world.

Now the situation is changing again, we are seeing another significant shift in the event industry. Since the situation varies from place to place. People from those regions with a high number of cases are preferring virtual events. Whereas people from those places with an improved situation are hosting Hybrid events.

Some of you must have heard about the hybrid events. But many people don’t know what Hybrid events are. So let’s understand that first.

What are hybrid events? 

Hybrid events blend the best of both physical and virtual events. These events are those physical events that are attended by a virtual audience apart from the live audiences. Also, one can have face-to-face communication without missing out on convenience. And this something that none other event formats can provide.

Another prominent characteristic of hybrid events is that there are 2 types of audiences, live and virtually. It means you are hosting a 2-in-1 event. And this makes Hybrid events quite unusual from the physical or virtual event.

For hosting a hybrid event, you can get a hybrid event platform or hybrid event software. But you can also use a virtual event platform or virtual event software since the technology in both is the same. Therefore we can say that hybrid event technology is as flexible as virtual event technology. And you can host a vast range of events hybrid.

Categories of Hybrid event

Since the hybrid event technology is flexible, you can host almost any events. And that is why it is expected that post-pandemic, Hybrid events will replicate the success enjoyed by virtual events during the pandemic. To give you some idea, here are some examples of popular hybrid events.

  • Hybrid conferences
  • Hybrid trade shows
  • Hybrid product launches
  • Hybrid award shows
  • Hybrid exhibitions
  • Hybrid fairs
  • Hybrid Town halls 
  • Hybrid AGMs

And many more. This shows the capability of hybrid event technology. You have to only think about the idea for your event. And the technology will handle the rest.

But today, we are going to focus on hybrid fairs. But before we dive deeper, first, let’s understand what hybrid fairs are.

The concept behind Hybrid fairs

As the name suggests, hybrid fairs are live fairs that are hosted physically. But instead of just one type of audience, there is also a second audience, the virtual audience. And this is where the difference between live fairs and hybrid fairs end.

Many hybrid event platforms offer an interactive interface. And lots of features for a dynamic experience. It means one can host various types of hybrid fairs. You can host a hybrid trade fair, hybrid career/job fair or even a hybrid education fair and so on.

Now you must be thinking about why one should opt for hybrid fairs over regular fairs. The answers are because of several reasons. Let’s look at each of these.

Advantages of hosting hybrid fairs

  1. A higher audience

Often people interested in an event have to miss the event due to several reasons. But the most significant constraints are the cost and time required for travelling to attend the event. With a Hybrid event, you can make these constraints irrelevant. While those who can travel can visit the event in person. Hence you get more attendees at your event.

2. Reduced cost for hosting the event

Hosting an event can be a costly affair. You have to book a venue. And spend money on travelling, food and accommodation. However, with hybrid events, you can reduce these expenses. As you don’t need to book a large venue. And can save money on other miscellaneous costs.

3. No geographical barrier

Another significant restriction of the physical event is a limited audience. Also, it is hard to get people from all places at one location, especially in situations like these. So by switching to the hybrid event, you can also host people who can’t travel to the event location. Thus you can overcome geographical barriers.

4. Host a Diverse event

You can excite people by hosting a hybrid event over a conventional form of event. Also, you can increase interaction between the live and virtual audience by using networking tools. Firstly it will grow the networking opportunities. And will provide an element of something different over other events.

5. Use technology to track lead

You can keep a tab on the registration, login, chat, viewing, downloading, and sharing processes. This data will help you in evaluating the outcome of the event. Also, you can determine what worked at your event and whatnot. And which engagement technique or exhibitor or online session worked best. And what improvements are needed to get higher results from the next event?

6. Reduced carbon footprint

By opting for a hybrid event, you can reduce the wastage of resources. Usually, in a regular fair, lots of resources are consumed. Some of these resources are paper, fuel and energy. And we all know what the impact of consumption of these resources on the environment is. So with the hybrid event, you reduce the number of live audience and exhibitor. It means less consumption of resources and a reduced carbon footprint.

7. Increment in sponsorships

In a hybrid event, you can host a broader range of audience. And can also expand your customer base. This makes your event more desirable to the sponsors. All you have to do is to pitch your event to as many brands as possible. And inform them about the perks of hybrid events. Also, you can get sponsors from related industries.

8. Higher returns on investment

Hybrid events are a better value for money proposition than conventional events. Since you can host more people without spending too much. And you can host attendees from all over the world. Hybrid events offer better returns.

These are some of the advantages of hosting a hybrid fair.

Share your thoughts on the hybrid fairs or hybrid events. Have you hosted any Hybrid event? Or how was your experience of attending the hybrid event?

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