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What is RO, UV and UF water purifiers? Pros & Cons

Nowadays water purifier has become a necessity of life. Water purifiers can be seen in all homes. Nowadays the water of metros has also become very contaminated, which is causing many diseases by drinking without filtering.

Along with this, many types of impurities are found in water in small places such as arsenic, chlorine, TDS (Total dissolved solids) and other types of impurities, to avoid which people use water purifiers.

Which water purifier is right for you?

Nowadays water purifiers with RO + UV + UF + TDS technology are coming in which all three types of filters are made and all kinds of impurities are removed. Therefore, you should take a water purifier that has Reverse Osmosis facilities includin UV+UF+TDS technology.

In this article, we will give you detailed information on all types of water purifiers. It will also tell which water purifier should be used.

What is RO, UV and UF water purifiers

What is a RO water purifier?

RO means Reverse Osmosis. This is the most ideal way to clean water. By this method, all the underwater pollutions, metal particles, sand particles, all out broke up solids are cleared.

RO Water Plant should be used in areas where water is saline or water has TDS. RO is perfect for coastal areas and borewells. UV purifier (Ultra Violet) should be used in places where the water is sweet.

Advantages of RO water purifier

RO water purifier technology cleans all impurities in the water and harmful metals

It also destroys bacteria and viruses.

Cleans harmful substances like arsenic and chlorine.

Disadvantages of RO water purifier

  • This type of water purifier requires electricity. It cannot be used in places where there is no electricity.
  • This technique works well when the water tap has high pressure and cleans the water.
  • The biggest disadvantage of this technique is that 30 to 40% of water is destroyed. While cleaning the water, the Waste Water flows out of a thin pipe, causing unnecessary water wastage.

What is UV Purifier?

UF means Ultra Violet purifier. This method executes viruses and bacteria present inside the water. Be that as it may, this method can’t perfect arsenic and chlorine broke up in water.

This technique should be used in areas where the water is sweet, such as mountainous areas. There is only need to eliminate bacteria in the water there. Pollution is also less there.

Advantages of UV Purifier

  • This technique can work easily in normal pressure tap water.
  • It destroys all viruses and bacteria inside the water.
  • Eliminates other impurities dissolved in water.

Disadvantages of UV Purifier

  • This technique requires electricity to be used, without electricity it will not work.
  • This technique does not exclude viruses and bacteria present inside the water, but kills it.

What is UF Purifier?

Its full form is Ultra filtration Purifier. This type of water purifier technique consists of a layer which cleans the dissolved impurities of water. This technique filters water thoroughly, which cleans all metals, TDS.

Advantages of UF Purifier

  • The biggest advantage of this technique is that no electricity is required to use it. Water can be purified by using it even in small places and villages where there is no electricity.
  • This technique clears all viruses and bacteria present within the water.
  • Cleans the dissolved impurities present within the water.
  • Normal pressure tap also works in water

Disadvantages of UF Purifier

This technique does not work if the water is hard water, and the amount of arsenic and chlorine inside it is high.

What is the difference between water purifiers RO, UV and UF?

First of all know about the technique used in RO water purifiers – RO is a water purification technique in which pressure is used to clean the water. By doing this, the impurities dissolved in water are eliminated.

The advantages of this technique are that RO excludes bacteria and viruses, also removes impurities such as chlorine and arsenic and there is no impurity in such water.

There are also some week points of this technique that gives such pure water, such as the water required by RO Technique removes the minerals required by the body and drinking this water for a long time also reduces immunity.

Apart from this, 30-40% of the water from the RO water purifier is discharged as waste. Also, electricity is required to operate such a purifier.

Such purifiers should be used in areas where TDS is high in water ie RO purifiers are suitable for purifying borewell water and coastal waters.

Now know about the technic used in UV water purifier – UV (Ultra Violet) Technic eliminates bacteria and viruses present in the water but this technic does not remove the impurities of chlorine and arsenic dissolved in water like RO Technic .

In this technique, a membrane (layer) is used, from which the impurities dissolved in water are removed by pouring water.

The disadvantage of this purification technique is that virus and bacteria are destroyed by its use but do not go out of the water. Apart from this, electricity is also required for its use.

UV water purifiers are required in areas where ground water is sweet and only necessary to eliminate bacteria and viruses, such as hilly areas and less polluted areas.

Now know about the technique used in UF water purifier plant – UF (Ultra Filtration) Technique is a physical technique i.e. electricity is not required for its use.

This type of water purifier consists of a membrane from which, as the water passes, the bacteria and viruses present in it are destroyed and removed from the water.

Apart from this, the impurities dissolved in the water are also cleaned, but if the water is hard and impurities like chlorine and arsenic are present in water, then this purifier should not be used.

Now you have the necessary information related to RO, UV and UF water purifiers and you must have also understood the difference between these purification technologies, so before purchasing a water purifier, keep these things in mind and whatever area you live in There are only the TDS level of the water there and choose the right water purifier.

The aware team hopes that you will like this information and will also help you in purchasing the right water purifier.

Author Bio Shital Patel is CEO of Aquashakti Water Solution, founded in 2007, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and exporter of Waste Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plants and Mineral Water Plant from India.


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