What to expect from your Phi Phi maya khai island tour

The Phi Phi islands are a combination of a few islands present in Thailand located in between the Stars of Malacca coast and the Phuket. The islands are part of the administration of Krabi Province. The island has an exotic collection of beaches with crystal clear water. The national park status is responsible for the protection of its environment. The tourism on this island got a massive promotion in the form of the movie “The Beach” directed by Danny Boyle.

Over the years the island has been converted into a prime destination of holiday and a common honeymoon destination. There is very little to wonder about the exquisite beauty of the Phi Phi Island as the place is full of beaches such as the Bamboo island beach and the atmosphere of the Tonsai village festival.

Once you reach Phi Phi you will be able to explore many islands and beaches. There is a great option of nightlife entertainment in the village of Tonsai along with exemplary dining. There are also some great hotels available right on the sea beach.

Things to do at your Phi Phi Maya Khai Island tour

Some of the most enjoyable things you can do at your Phi Phi Maya Khai island tour are as follows:

  • Bamboo island- This place is a must visit in your Phi Phi Island tour. The place is home to a rare breed of bamboo and is full of lush green Thai spruces. The entire scenery can be a jaw dropping one for anyone visiting the place for the first time. There are a number of water sport activities  that you can avail on your visit to the Bamboo islands. For instance speed boating, sailing and snorkelling are some of the most enjoyable water sports available.
  • Taking a tour of the Phi Phi Island on a speedboat- One of the major common and popular activities among the tourists in the Phi Phi Islands is sightseeing across the island on a speedboat. Throughout the entire tour you will be able to do snorkelling, swimming as well as sightseeing at the Viking cave, Monkey Bay and the Pileh Cove. It is a delightful experience to roam around the entire island on a speedboat under the heavy breeze.
  • Day tour of the Phi Phi Maya Khai Island tourThe Khai islands are basically famous for the availability of the twelve types of tropical fish. The local restaurants offer a great deal of seafood and the island is mesmerizingly  beautiful. Watersports activities are also a part of the fun.
  • Thai boxing match- While in Thailand it would be a fun thing to attend a Thai boxing match. Thai boxing holds a significant place in the history of Thai culture. The popular Reggae Bar holds the boxing match demonstrations every night and is bound to satisfy your lust for some action oriented entertainment.
  • Hiking to the Phi Phi viewpoints- The viewpoint is located on the east of the strip and is an H-shaped one. The path to the hike is pretty easy. The dumbbell shape of the island is a real retreat to the eyes of the travellers.
  • Scuba diving in Phi Phi- The first ever thing that pops up when the question of what to do in Phi Phi Islands is raised is scuba diving. You must not miss the opportunity to explore the beauty and the mysteries of the underwater world of  the seas.
  • Rock climbing- One of the hottest sports alongside water climbing on this island is rock climbing. Some of the very popular rock climbing sites in Phi Phi include Hua Ling Wall, Hin Tak as well as the Tonsai tower.

The Phi Phi Maya Khai Island tour is one of the most p[popular trips for travellers in Thailand. Over three years the place has gained notoriety for its exoctic beaches and rave nightlife.


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