Surprising Spring Birthday Health Facts Everyone Should Know

The season that you are born has a deep impact on your health and overall wellbeing. Hence, if you or your loved one has his/her birthday in the spring season, there are some aspects of the health of the person that is important to consider. Knowing about these factors will also help you to take care of the near one.

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Lesser Risk of Asthma

There are lesser dust mites in spring than in summer. Hence, it is fortunate that your loved one is born between February-April. This lowers the risk of developing Asthma mostly triggered by dust mites in summer-born children.

Lower Risk of Developing Mental Diseases

This may not be a cause of worry as the research and evidence about spring-born developing mental diseases was conducted on mice and not humans. However, it is opined that having been born of pregnancy during chilling winters does affect the mental health of the newborn.

Spring Born Children are at Lesser Risk of Getting ADHD Disease

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disease commonly found in children and to some extent in adults. The symptoms change with age but people with such disorders may have problems concentrating, memory power, procrastination, and allied complications. If you are born in March or April, there is a lesser risk of developing such problems.

Type of Flowers Gifts for Those Who Are Born In Spring

There is nothing more precious on a birthday morning than receiving a bunch of fresh blossoms from near ones. If you are looking for the best birthday flowers for a person born in spring, consider giving beautiful peonies, roses, Dahlia, Orchids, Tulips, Freesia, etc.

Greater Risk of Developing Heart Diseases

It is quite unfortunate that those who are born in March or thereafter are severely at the risk of developing cardiac complications later in life. The complications can range from improper functioning of the arterial fibrillation to congestive heart failure and even irregularity in heart rhythms.

Interests and Inclination to Creativity

According to research conducted by Mark Hamilton on Comprehensive Psychology at the University of Connecticut, those who were born in spring were more creative than those who were born in other seasons.

Higher Risk of Suffering from Depression

If you have a March born family member who is suffering due to stress or depression, it is best to give a Birthday bouquet containing lavender, sunflower, roses, peach flower, borage, etc. These flowers have amazing healing properties to reduce depression.

Optimistic in Nature

One of the major characteristics in spring babies is that they are more optimistic with the half-glass is full perception. Scientists opine that people with an optimistic nature are prone to have stronger immunity than their counterparts.

Blessed with Leadership Skills

Based on research at the University of British Columbia, Canada on the birthdates of CEOs, it has been found that out of 500 S&P companies, 375 had spring-born CEOs during 1992-2009.

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People Born in spring go to Bed Late at Night

Researchers have revealed, based on a study conducted on Sleep, that people born in the spring season are mostly ‘night owls’. They prefer to go to bed late at night but that has nothing to do with their wakeup time. This means during academic careers, they are eager to focus on studies during the night time revisions.

Is Your Spring Born Special Someone Staying Outstation?

In this age, distances can never be the barrier in relationships. You are on Skype video calling, Whatsapp messaging and so much more. Worrying about sending gifts is also not an issue. Just send birthday cake and flower to Bangalore to any location in the city where your loved one is staying. This is also a money saver combos to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.


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