Who Is Your Biggest Enemy And How to Control It?

Do you have a big enemy in your life? Or you have some incident which prevents you? Some people don’t like our improvements. And they try to avoid our path to success. And they become our enemy.

But those people are not the biggest enemy in your life. If you think deeply, you will realize those people do not prevent you from your success. Also, you will realize your biggest enemy live close to you. But you still don’t identify that enemy.

So you have to identify your biggest enemy. And you have to kill or control him. So in this post, you will find it, and you will see the ways to control him.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy And How to Control It?

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy?

So what do you think about your biggest enemy? It is no one else; it is your self.

Most of the times we complain other people for our failure. We think they are responsible for our failures. Also, we complain, other people, when we don’t get help from them. Sometimes we complain about our family members when we failed.

But is that the truth? You will understand you are the reason for your failures when you think about your failure. Because we have to work for achieve our dreams. Anyone else doesn’t want to achieve our goals. Only we have to work for it.

We will not achieve our goals if we don’t control our body and mind to achieve goals.

Think about the 2020 year or this year. You may have a lot of new year resolutions to achieve in this year. So far, how many goals did you reach? Do you control your body and mind to achieve those goals? If yes. How many days did you focus your mind and body on those targets?

Now you will see the real enemy who blocks your path and prevent you from success. In other words, you are the person who makes distractions and prevents your success.

As example,

You have to wake up early and start your works. So you set your Alarm for 4.00 AM. but when your alarm ring you turn off it and go back to sleep. Your enemy or other people didn’t come to turn off your Alarm. But you are the person who turns off the Alarm and goes back to sleep.

If you are a student it better to learn your lesson for one more hour, but you choose to sleep and your mind force to go to bed. So those distractions do not make by other people or external enemy. Your book didn’t close by your family member. But it does by your self.

So think, where is your biggest enemy live? 

How to Control your self?

First of all, you have to understand your biggest enemy. People who understand this control their opponent. 

They create a mindset which can encourage their self instead of discouraging. Also, Those successful people understand and remember their weak points and things that need to do for control and manage that weakness.

Those people become success even they have external enemies.

Most of the times, reasons for failure and give up is not because of those targets are impossible to achieve or you unable to win it.

It’s because of,

  • You underestimate your self
  • You doubt about your self.
  • Don’t understand your price.

So you have to control your self to become a success. Until that you will not become a success. I hope you get useful information in this article. Thank you for reading.


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