Why Startups Should Host QuickBooks Accounting Software On The Cloud?

QuickBooks is the accounting tool assisting all kinds of businesses to manage their finances efficiently. Startups have very limited access to IT resources & it is vital to utilize every bit of it correctly. Accounting can become a neglected aspect of the start-up business & will result in mismanagement of the accounts. QuickBooks is providing the support to manage finances the right way!

A well-maintained financial account becomes a strong base for the startup business & assists in achieving the desired results. QuickBooks accounting is the need of the hour & it is advisable to adapt to the technology as fast as possible. This article is providing you all the details related to QuickBooks features & benefits for the startups. Host the accounting tool on the cloud with help of a service provider to avail the features in full-throttle.

What is QuickBooks Hosting? How does it Work?

It refers to the hosting of QuickBooks software on a protected network server over the internet. Simply put, QuickBooks hosting is enabling the access of data & files remotely, without installing the software in the system. Startups get the best of both worlds with QuickBooks hosting. You can install the software on the local system & also access it through the web browser.

Here is how QuickBooks is working on the cloud –

  • First, the license copies of the software are installed on the server.
  • Then the QuickBooks user is provided access to the server over the internet with certain configurations. It includes customization of the servers and connectivity between the end-user device & server.
  • The user is now able to access & work on the QuickBooks using the web browser.
  • The changes incorporated on the hosted QuickBooks software will be saved automatically & it appears to all the authorized users.

QuickBooks is one of the advanced-level accounting tools that ease the management of finances the right way! But there are limitations to it as the software can restrict the accountants from achieving the desired goals. Host the QuickBooks software in the right manner so that all the features can be availed in the right manner.

Features of QuickBooks Accounting for Startup Businesses

Every business is unique in its way & it is imperative to get accounting software with industry-specific features to boost the business growth. QuickBooks hosting is benefiting startups in multiple ways with its features & functionalities. Host the accounting software on the cloud to avail the features any time using an active internet connection.

Here are the features of the QuickBooks accounting tool –

Management of Inventory Items

One of the daunting tasks for businesses is to manage the inventory properly. But that will not be a problem with QuickBooks premier. It automates the inventory item tracking and the management of it. This also allows the location of items and completes the inventory-related tasks from one place. Take advantage of the Inventory Center and the advanced feature is very easy to use. With the help of an accounting professional, it is easy to streamline the accounting software to your advantage.

Tracking of Balance Sheet

There are different ways to track the balance sheet and generate reports using accounting platforms. An advanced accounting platform like QuickBooks Premier ensures easy access to report for tracking financial data that will be separated by department or location. It makes the tracking of the balance sheet by class easier.

Regular Billing of Clients

It is important to keep track of clients irrespective of the size of the business or which business you run. Use advanced accounting software like QuickBooks Premier for simplifying the tasks. This powerful and advanced accounting software has all the ability to track & bill clients as per need.

Automation of Payment Reminder

Is your business getting affected due to low cash flow or are you quickly forgetting about payments? QuickBooks Premier has an automatic reminder feature for payments and it is easy to set the reminder for all the due payments. Create a simple mailing list on the software and add customers to that list. After that, a simple payment reminder needs to be put from the scheduled payment reminder option.

Proper Management of Customers

Customer management is a vital part of the success of your business and there are different aspects of accounting related to it. A new feature of a rule-based group is present in QuickBooks, just like automated payment reminders to manage your customers. The group is based on different fields like type, location, and balance.

Top Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

The popularity of QuickBooks has grown with the passing time & new features have added on to it! Let us look at some of the top benefits of QuickBooks hosting for businesses –

It provides remote access to data. Startups can now access the accounting data remotely as per their need. You only need an active internet connection & user authentication to access the details.

It is a cost-effective path to manage the accounts. Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud will cost less to the startups than hiring a couple of professionals to manage the accounts.

It provides data security. Accounting data is safer in the remote data centers rather than on the desktop or local system.

It offers scalability. QuickBooks hosting gives you the freedom to scale up the resources based on the needs.

It assists the third-party integration. Integrate different kinds of tools along with the software to manage all kinds of operations from a single platform.


QuickBooks is the accounting tool that works as a boon for startups. Manage the accounts in the right manner from the beginning so that there is no misuse of funds! Maintain financial hygiene should be the top priority of all kinds of businesses in the complex market structure. Achieve the desired accounting goals by hosting the QuickBooks software in the right manner.

QuickBooks hosting is helping startups manage vital accounting tasks profoundly. You get the 24/7 assistance of the cloud service provider to resolve a pertaining query or problem. Select the QuickBooks hosting plan that fits your budget & requirement.

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