Wondershare Filmora9 – Video Editor for Green Screen Video Making

The Overlays advanced feature is referred to as the Green Screen effect. The top layer was made with a color range consist of clips transparent with two overlays, therefore image beside the top layer or the background video clip could display through it. This is used as a special tool while making the video process which helps to superimpose the subjects and use virtual backgrounds with different unlimited numbers. It allows you to create really cool shots like superhero holding a car on a building. check more articles on techramya site which has all technology updates.

You can make use of Filamora9 application to achieve video footage clips of some green screen or the pure green background can be created even when shooting the real video footage.

Filmora is the best video editing application and creator’s resource which helps the individuals to narrate their stories with all of their respective skill levels. Filmora application is utilized by most of the video visionaries across the globe and launched by the popular Wondershare Technology. The products of Filmora include Vlogit, FimaroGo, Filmora Effect Store, FilmoraScrn, and Filmora9.

Key features

Please find below the list of key features offered by the Filmora application:

Editing & Performance:

Enhanced Video Stabilization – The shaky footage is smoothed out by using the upgraded stabilization tool.

PC/Mac Cross-Compatibility – Filmora9 program is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems. You can start your projects and continue working on either OS.

Adjustable Playback Quality – To get the smoother editing experience, your video preview resolution should be reduced. By doing so, it will not affect your exported videos quality.

Enhanced Chroma Key – You can gain more control through the green screen tool to achieve better results.

High-Resolution Snapshots and Previews – Your video preview will achieve more clarity and still frames are captured with high resolution.

Faster Import & Export – It is possible to easily import and render the video media files at a higher speed.

Numerous Video Tracks – You can create with compositing effects and even full 100 video tracks can be organized under your media database. For any tracks, you can apply the transitions, filters, and other effects as well.


Enhanced Waveforms – Make use of the visible audio waveforms that helps to edit the audio cues.

Audio Editing with Keyframe or Envelope – Within the timeline, the audio clip volume can be adjusted. Within one clip, the multiple adjustments can be created using the Keyframing.

Audio Tracks – At a maximum of 100 timeline audio tracks can be organized under dialogue, music and other audio clips.


Video Preview – Adjust Clips – Using the preview window, you can easily move, scale, rotate, or flip any kind of images or video clips.

Adjustable Track Size – Currently, there are 3 track sizes available: Big, Normal, and Small. The audio editing is especially used under the larger tracks because of its larger waveforms.

Process on how to create a Green Screen Video

The Chroma Key or the Green screen tool is used to choose the best color range within the image or video clips in your timeline transparent on a higher track so that the image or video clips can be placed underneath with the chosen color range. With the help of this feature, it is easier to change the clip’s background and edits like an explorer standing on a mountain top or a superhero walking through the sky.

When you make use of the solid colored background for transparency then the Green screen works perfectly. The color should be preferably within the video are not wearing. Bright green is the best and popular choice.

You need to import both green screen video and as well as your background video into the Filmaro9 application. Under Video track 1 drag and place the background video and Video track 2 use the green screen video. You can drag your favorite videos one by one.

Please ensure that the green screen video clip is placed above the background clip, and tap the videos to access the editing panel.

Please ensure that the Chroma key is enabled under the Video tab. From the dropdown menu named “Select Color”, you can choose the color which makes transparent look or makes use of the eyedropper tool to select your favorite color within the video preview.

The transparency can be adjusted using the Edge feather sliders, Edge thickness, Offset, and Tolerance. You need to enable the Alpha Channel feature to fine-tune the Chroma key.

Your image will be turned into black and white by enabling the Alpha Channel feature. The final video will be in transparent mode if you have everything enabled with black color and in solid mode if you chose the white color. If you found any little grey or white spots then can make use of the sliders to adjust the spots until it turns black color.

The same process should be followed for grey or black spots to change them into white color. If once you are happy with the video editing completion, then please turn off the Alpha Channel feature without fail.

Filmaro9 Program – Pros & Cons:

Please find below the pros & cons of the Filmaro9 program:


  • You can use the advanced features of video editing like color grading, blur, and green screen.
  • Supports Camera shake tool and 4k editing.
  • The videos can be rendered at high speed.
  • Multiple output formats are allowed.
  • The filters and effects can be applied very easily.
  • Simplified interface to use.


  • There are no closed captions used within the application.
  • Less control on the working projects.
  • Watermark will be available in the free trial version.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand about the Filmaro9 program and its importance. You can also refer the document to know the key features, working process, and the program’s pros & cons.


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