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Xrocker pro series gaming chair review

Are you a Gamer and get rid of your ordinary home chair and looking for a gaming chair? This is the right place. We present you best gaming chair.

X Rocker is an excellent gaming chair. It provides both comfort and quality. It keeps your back relax.  

X Rocker 51396 gaming chair  

X Rocker is best gaming chair in the reasonable fixed price. It is used for playing video games, watching movies and watching TV, listening to music, reading. It is black leather foldable video gaming chair with a pedestal base and headrest for adult. The chair has arms on both side for customer comfort and it tilt in different directions. When it comes long time gamming and you pass most of time in gamming this chair give comfort to your back and neck because it has generous padding in the seat and headrest area which helps for those long gaming sessions. . You keep in mind it take more space than and ordinary chair so you can keep it you mind while buying. It is for both kids and Adults. 

  • Features 

It has a control panel that controls the volume and bass. It has AFM audio technology for better sound. It also has audio and video jacks in which you add your audio device. It also has two speakers on the front side. 

You can able to enjoy all fun of watching movie like a movie theater. It also has a build in time setup and Bluetooth facility.

It also has built in wireless radio receiver and transmitter. 

  • Design

It is a black leather. When you have space issue you can fold it because it is foldable. It is perfectly design by best designer to comfort you 

  • Color: Black.
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches. 
  • Chair weight: 54.2 lbs. 
  • Made: China.
  • Model number: 5139601.
  • Material: Leather, Vinyl, Foam 
  • Jacks: RCA, AUX
  • Compatibility 

X Rocker is fully compatible for Gaming Consoles like Xbox, Xbox one, Xbox 360, iPod, Play Station, Nintendo, Gameboy, Wii, PS4 and for watching movies.

  • Easy set up

It is very easy to assemble it manually because it has step by step guideline with it. So it no long and you easily with in no time able to assemble and use it. you turn and rotate into the desired gaming position .

Best Design support your back and neckJust have one color option 
Full comfortable and relaxOverheat due to ling gaming 
X Rocker is a well Reputed company  
Folding ability that save space  
Reasonable fair Price  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does the X Rocker Pro gaming chair work with LAN parties or other chairs for co-op gaming?

A: Yes. This chair allows other chairs to connect directly to it in the near vicinity, so you can please with your friends.

Q: Where are the speakers located?

A: There are two different subwoofers that you can locate near the headrest. If you’re not wearing headphones, you’ll hear the sound on both sides through immersive 2.1 AFM technology.

Q: What powers this chair? What is the power source?

A: To power the chair, you have to plug an A/C adapter into the wall. Once there’s power, there’s a small wireless adapter that can plug into your TV to begin receiving power

Q: is it compatible with xbox one?

A: If on Xbox One and u can use the R, W, and Y connection but actually only using the Red and White connectors. Than yes it is compatible but if it uses optics, hdmi, or R, G, and Blue it will not work with the Xbox One. I haven’t bought a new generation console yet so I first hand haven’t experienced the audio connectors available. Hope my knowledge will help.

Q:Is it compatible with ps4 ?

A: Hey man, I just figured out a way for you to send audio from a PS4 to an XPRO2 Pedestal Gaming Chair, or pretty much any chair that has a 3.5mm audio input! Just connect to your PS4 controller, set your controller audio device settings to send All Audio and bam! Made a video about it:


For every gamer, the X Rocker is the best gaming chair at a reasonable and fair price. The X Rocker chair product is the top spot in an affordable comfortable gaming chair.If you want more information please visit this site.


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