Hair is one of the most voguish ways of dramatically alternating your look overnight. Relatively hair takes time to grow out, while haircuts may not be the good solution for you to change your appearance. An alteration in hair dye permits you to play with your looks without affecting the length of your hair. And the amazing part is that you can choose any color in the spectrum that suits to your personality.

Hair Dye

However, a dramatic alternation in hair color demands chemical treatment, so you must get your chemical treatment from a professional. This will come at a cost but if you want to sustain your hair color, you have to spend some of the money on your hair dye.

Here we are going to suggest you few tips that if you follow you can make your hair color last longer.

Tips to make your hair color durable:

The aftercare of your dyed hair is crucial. The following tips can assist in making your hair dye more efficient.

Avoid Shampoo Right Away

A hair color settles into the hair shaft 24 hours after it is applied to your hair. The hair dye works for the next few hours even after your colorist has washed your hair. It is suggested that don’t instantly wash your hair with shampoo, if you wash your hair this will not allow it to settle in well and this leads to hair color fading. If you want your hair color to last long, you have to wait for at least 24 hours to make sure that your hair dye is settled in your hair. On the day you get your hair dyed, restrict the temptation to use shampoo and just wash your hair with cold water.


Use Products meant for dyed Hair

Are nourishing to your hair since you get your hair color. You need to use hair care products that are made for the nourishment of your colored hair if you want your hair color to stay long. It is extremely important because other products can strip your hair color out. Use color lock shampoo and color lock conditioner for your tinted hair that does not contain SLS, alcohols, etc. because contents can affect the vitality of your hair color and also make your hair frizzy and dry. You need to use products that deeply nourish your hair and make them stay longer.


Say No to Hot showers

Many women love to take long hot showers but they strip the natural oils and moisture of hair and skin. Not only that, hot water can also make your hair color appear dull. If you want your hair to appear glossy and healthy for a long time, wash your hair with lukewarm water and also minimize the number of times you wash your hair in a week. When you shampoo your hair, apply it only to the roots and let that run through the length of your hair to clean it. Applying shampoo to the length of your hair can strip away your color. You can use dry shampoo to far away the greasiness. Your hair will stay clean and your color will stay longer.


Provide Hair Masks and Conditioning Treatments to your dyed hair

Color-processed hair can be a little fragile and require more care and attention from you. Invest your money in conditioning treatments such as nourishing hair masks and hair oils to add moisture back to your colored hair. Take product recommendations from your colorist and use those products to maintain your hair. Frizzy hair looks lifeless and even the most beautifully done hair dyes can appear dull if you do not deep nourish your colored hair regularly. You can also get a hair spa treatment at a salon or do it at home to moisturize your hair.



Avoid Excessive Heat Styling Your Hair 

Even if you do not have pigmented hair, heat styling tools can cause a reason lot of damage to your hair. Since hair color can already be drying, just imagine for a moment what heat can do to your hair. Do not use a blow dryer excessively to your hair or flat iron and curling to style your hair. If you still want to use them, do not use them in high-temperature settings. The use of heat protectant spray or serum can act as a protective barrier between your hair and the heat styling tool and help protect your hair shaft from getting damaged.

Exposure to Sunlight can also fade your hair color. If you want to maintain your hair color for a long time, apply hair products with SPF on your hair, or cover your hair with a when you are out in the sun. To make your hair dye stay longer and your hair healthy, you just have to take a few precautions and spend some time in your hair care routine.

By wali