HAMPTA PASS: 5 things to make you unforgettable. HAMPTA PASS

The beauty of Hampta Pass trek makes it one of the most popular hikes in India. I can say that it became very popular after I arrived at Hampta Pass. Follow the path and discuss the dialogue.

Really, the whole hike is beautiful for you, but here are 5 things that will undoubtedly make the trip tickle: this is the most interesting:

1. Hanging Valley

Hiking Yes, on the first day of the trip, the view of the valley will amaze you. A short walk from the town of Chobla, you can walk through dense mixed forests and lead to grasslands, surrounded by huge rocky mountains, hidden and clouded.

2. Crossing rivers and waterfalls

Pass Hampta is famous for crossing rivers. There are more than 10 river crossing points, the easiest to complete by jumping on the rocks, two of them will make you cry because you have to cross them barefoot, yes! Prepare to freeze your brain as you cross those glacial streams barefoot for a few weeks of the day.

3. A wide variety of flowers

is a kind of flower on earth, and it is beautiful for all species. When it comes to blooming flowers, there is nothing “terrible”. Keep your eyes open and pay attention as you walk, because you will see some of the best wildflowers in this valley. Name any flower, yellow, blue, orange, red, pink, purple, white … you will find any flower. I found flowers of various colors and they really made my trip meaningful.

4. Snow Pass and Snow Bridge Walk

You may have experienced snowfall and snowfall before, but this time is different. Walking up this creek, it is covered with thick ice and snow, and you can hear the sound of the river under your feet. A wrong step, your foot landed on a foot of snow. There are many such holes on the snow bridge that have been put in the wrong places by other travelers. So stay tuned!

5. Some yoga poses on Lake Chandratal

Lake Chandratal gets its name due to its moon shape. Thousands of people visit its turquoise waters and surrounding landscapes every year. Chandratal Lake is a must-visit when in Spiti, what better time than to hike along the Hampita Pass?

Descend from Sheagoru in the early morning and arrive at Chattru at 11:00 am on the last day of the hike, where you can spend the rest of your time exploring the lake. Let’s go crazy here. Click on the star background on some strange photos, or find a secluded corner and enjoy its surreal beauty. Put your work in a magical place.

A practical guide to the famous Hampita Pass

The Hampita Pass is a scenic corridor between the Chandra Valley in Lahar and the Kuru Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal is the king of hiking destinations in India, and every passionate hiker knows it. The stadium is very primitive and boring, which can attract all visitors to its lush green landscape. The Hampita Pass, which crosses the magnificent mountains of Manali, is one of the paradises suitable for walking. Look for a sunny mountain with a hint of greenery that makes it feel like a Bob Ross painting!

You will fall in love with life and nature in the magnificence of the peaceful mountains. When you drink the beauty of the sky created by Mother Nature, you find yourself fascinated and grateful for the divine experience! This is a practical guide dedicated to walking the famous Hampita Pass.


Hiking along the Hampita Pass is very cool and healing. This is the perfect way to get rid of daily stress, forget your phone and social media, and start a journey of happiness to find natural beauty and happiness in the little things. The tranquility of the snow-capped mountains in the countryside gives you an inevitable sense of experience. Are you fascinated by Hampta Pass now? Are you ready to go hiking? Now, we will hike through the Hampita Pass for four days with other readers.


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